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Hi there, pretty simple stuff here i play a few different specs and classes and i'm looking for a new guild. I play Moonkin, Feral DPS, Guardian, Fury/Arms, Prot Warrior all proficiently. All of the listed dps specs i feel comfortable enough with them to rank on WoL and i have done on many in the past. As a tank i have no problems rolling active mitigation, surviving fights, communicating for swaps, movement or cooldowns if necessary. I'm 21, I work in logistics, I've been playing wow for the best part of 4 years. I'm posting somewhat discreetly as to not hurt the feelings of a few close friends (they are a little sensitive) that i play with.

My progression to date is as follows;

5/5H ToC10, 5/5n ToC25
12/12H ICC10, 11/12H ICC25
11/13H T11 25, 9/13H T11 10
7/7H T12 10, 6/7H Pre-nerf 25
6/8H @ 0% (took a break for an overseas trip), 8/8H @15% (come back from trip) 25
9/16H T14 25 (had no internet for a number of weeks after the start of MoP due to moving house, come back found a guild, got to 9/16H with 5-10% attempts on H Will & H Amber Shaper 25 before starting a new job which i have since quit)

During T14 i had alot of things IRL which prevented me from being consistent all the way throughout the tier and was forced to stop playing because of work commitments as the job i was in forced me to work over time more often than not and as a result i quit that job as soon as i had a new job to go to. During this period of time i played casually with a few friends and pretty much just ran normals. I have a few parses from these normal runs but they are more or less worthless.

I've kept up to date with all roles that i plan to or can fill and i've stayed relatively up to date with fights and such. My ideal raid times/days are between 7 and 12 Mon/Wed/Thur however im happy to also include sunday. Whilst i strongly prefer the 25 man format i will also swing for a 10 man that is progressing at a competitive rate. I'm not really interested in doing a formal guild application either, i'd prefer to chat with someone in mumble/vent, however i will do whatever i must.

I'm not keen to join a new guild as a tank or feral DPS, however i'm happy to occasionally fill in as one of these roles should it be required for a night/week or specific encounter. I'm keen to join as a moonkin first and foremost and a DPS warrior secondly. I'm looking for an alliance guild, i've been horde for around 18 months and i'm looking for a change, however i MAY be willing to give up this for the right home.

Things i'm looking for in my potential new home:

- Zero drama, none, ziltch, nada. I deal with over dramatic people in my work place and i play this game for fun, i don't find wow girls whinging over loot or kids complaining about being carried and not being funnelled loot & mounts to be entertaining on any level.

- Benching, whilst all guilds that are competitive, especially a 25 require a bench, i'm not overly keen nor will i tolerate a bench system where i see anything less than 65% participation. I understand i may sit more often during a trial and thats fine, but i will not be the guy you bring in when someone is away, i expect to operate as part of the team.

- Bananas, I like them... If you're interested in talking with me make sure you mention this fact in your reply or you will not be contacted. I do not like copypasta.

- Multiple teams, I'm not interested in joining a guild running multiple raid teams. I do not want to be in your team 2 or 3, and if you run a team 2 or 3 i do not want to be in your team 1 either. I've seen it go bad many times before and i don't want to have to spend more money in 6 months time because it's happened again.

- Attendance, if you have attendance issues or are looking to move up from a 10 to a 25 or if you have recently reformed, please ignore this post, i'm not interested in a guild struggling to keep a core together.

- Loot, i do not care for it all that much more than is absolutely necessary, but funneling loot to a GM/Officer first for no other reason other than that is fairly inappropriate and will not be tolerated.

That's more or less it. Please leave your Real-ID, Battletag or a way to contact you in your reply. Thanks for your consideration.
Big Natural Crits, 12/12 ToT is always looking for a capable Boomy

Wed Thurs Mon 8-11


Contact Aljini#1399 for a chat
<Is A Panda> is a late night 25 man guild (GMT+8)

We are a semi-hardcore raiding guild because we are progression oriented. At the same time Is A Panda is a bit more relaxed as we all know and understand that real life comes first. Solid raiding spots are given to those who are consistantly reliable
first. We are a progression guild though, so performance is also important. If you can show us that you are reliable and skilled or at least progressing your skills then this is what we are looking for.

What are we looking for:

We are after players who can make all our progression raid nights consistently. Attendance is important in this guild and if you cant make our times we have casual ranks to accommodate players who cant raid on a regular basis.

Do not Apply if:

► You cannot be reliable in regards to showing up for raids
► You don't want to raid in a 25man group
► You don't want to work with a team long-term so we can help each other progress
► You will be tired the next day due to school/work

What are we Recruiting:
Accepting application's from the following class's/spec's:

**Feral Druid**
**Retribution Paladin**
** Exceptional Players **

<Is A Panda's> Progression:

► 16/16 NM 5.1 raids
► 1/12 NM TOT

Raid Times: Server time is same as Eastern Standard Time

►Wednesday: 9.00pm to 12.00am (GMT+ or (12.00pm to 3.00am - Server Time)
►Thursday: 9.00pm to 12.00am (GMT+ or (12.00pm to 3.00am - Server Time)
►Sunday: 9.00pm to 12.00am (GMT+ or (12.00pm to 3.00am - Server Time)

Most of us are Australian and Perth based but anyone who can make these times is welcome.

Conversion for US players: (excuse me if this may be wrong, but im sure its correct)
► 6.00am to 9.00am PST
► 8.00am to 11.00am CST
► 9.00am to 12.00pm EST

If you are interested in joining, come stop by our website http://isapanda.shivtr.com/
Alternatively you could PST Andrelus(me) or Vorpål in game for a chat if you have any additional info you need or add my battletag Kaddy#1158.

And I had a bad experience with a banana recently, a monkey stole it *true story*
Oh and that's fine if you want to join as a moonkin or warrior dps
Clearly people don't read. Bumping.
Hi Dalth

For the mere fact that many people don't read posts and copy and paste I like the fact that you did put the key word of bananas in there.

Ruthless is a 10 man raiding guild on Frostmourne Alliance. We are currently 2/13 HM progression.

We are after players like yourself. We currently have a core of 11 players and we do have a opening for both a boomy and disc priest for our core raid.

Our raid times are 7-11pm ST on wed, thurs and Monday.

please add me aevelina#1307 to speak with me ingame if you are interested.

Hey Dalth,

Interested in chatting to you in regards to raid opportunities in our 10 man team.


We raid Wed, Thurs and Sun - 7:30pm -10:30pm GMT+8, current progression 5/12 ToT.
Vanquished, 10m, 3/13 H horde side looking for a solid boomkin.
Raids, 7:30pm - 11:30pm svt, GMT +8, wed/thu/sun, sometimes mon.

Not too fond of banana's =/ nothing i can do about that, Evenon#1618 if you want to have a chat.
Dalth, you could be exactly what we are after. Not sure on the banana front.

We are currently running with 11 people, slightly lean and are looking for 1 more dps.

Progression is 2/13 HM.

Raid Times:-
Wednesday (7:00pm 10:30pm AEST)
Thursday (7:00pm 10:30pm AEST)
Sunday (7:00pm 10:30pm AEST)
Monday (7:00pm 10:30pm AEST)

If interested please post here or contact the following:-http://issmooth.guildomatic.com (site is new, if issues contact in-game)

Nocura (In-Game on Dreadmaul) or any online player will pass on your message
- Gazie#6666 Nocura Battle ID
<Frequency> on Dath'remar is a 10 man guild. Currently Recruiting a Boomkin for a core position.

Progression: 2/13H ToT

Raid Times: Wed/Thur/Sun/Mon 8:20pm to 12 , We will add additional days/hours during progression to get kills.

Website: Frequencyguild.enjin.com

P.S i love bananas :)
Vita Obscura
25 man raid team on Cael.
The Times we run are 8-11, Wed, Thurs, Sun

Some forum posts.

Guild website if you want to have a look.


If this seems to suite you feel free to contact an officer in game or place an app on the above site.

Fell free to add either of us and have a chat.
Battle tag: Acidburnx#1498
Battle tag: Mooke#6944

Skins for something different.

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