MoP mages

Before I begin, I realize my gear and spec is garbage.

I just wanted to ask a general question about mages and any ability to self-heal, in relation to every other "pure" dps class.

I know it's always difficult to compare apples to oranges to filing cabinets, but one issue I've noticed while goofing around on this toon (and other toons) is that mages simply do not have the same tools that every other pure dps class has.

While I'm not familiar with the terminology of their spells, I've seen hunters use an ability or two that heals them (and allows them to continue fighting).

Rogues have a similar ability to heal themselves while continuing to stay in combat.

Don't even get me started about dk's or warlocks, they have more than enough ways to heal themselves.

Warriors have a few abilities to heal themselves.

Mages have evocation which is either on a two-minute cd and heals for roughly half my health (but requires me to channel it, meaning I can't really use it mid-fight except in extremely rare circumstances where I'm not being focused) or I can take Invocation and heal for 10% each time I channel (in my garbage gear that equates to a 3 second channeling time).

I remember when classes had clear cut roles, back in vanilla. Over the years it just seems like blizzard has tried to make each class independent and capable of filling a dps role or a tank/healer role. But now hybrids can do as much dmg as a pure class, heal better than a pure class (except for maybe a warlock or dk, but I could be wrong on that), and of the pure classes Mages seem to have received very little.

I've thought perhaps that mages aren't supposed to take any dmg, and perhaps that is why they haven't been given any form of reliable self-heal. But how can a mage seriously expect to take no dmg whatsoever, even with the tools they have? Every class has some form of ranged ability, or distance closer, and couple this with the fact that mages can't heal themselves, and it becomes a matter of time b4 the mage will die.

Sorry for the long rambling post, just been thinking of this issue and thought I'd try to verbalize it and see if anyone could shed some insight on what blizzard is intending for the mage class nowadays, because I have no clue. Mage has been my favorite class but lately I have no desire to play one due to how unfair the game seems to have become.

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