Gearing up - Suggested path?

Death Knight
Would just like to know what you all think is worthwhile in MoP 5.2. I've done Klaxxi so far but I think my time would be better spent in the new island and probably doing DO quests because of the higher ilevel.

Watcha think?
Really running heroics to get the ilvl requirement for LFR, then just keep burning LFR up every week. Do whatever you like during downtime to fill in the gaps you miss from bad luck and/or to grind extra roll tokens.
Grinding trough LFR without doing the dailies or spending gold on epic item would take ages.

If you spending gold you can have acces to the first 4th LFR pretty quickly it also help to do shadowpan offencive (you get acces to epic buyable for a few gold pretty quick) and then I would suggest the golden lotus.

Do august celestial if you want the MoP month riding skill.

Well if you enjoying doing daylies you can just do them all as they will make getting ilvl476+ faster.
I just got my 3rd 90 to ilvl 480 yesterday. Doing tons of dailies and grinding rep is so 5.0/5.1. The only dailies you'll want to do (as of this posting) is Shado Pan Assault, Sunreaver Onslaught, and MAYBE Dominance Offensive since they have 496 gear. Golden Lotus, August Celestials, Klaxxi, Shado-Pan normal and the rest of the 5.0 factions, don't even waste your time unless you want lower level 489 gear or a mount.

I post it all the time on these forums. This is what you need to do:

Run heroics to get gear.
Use the JP you get from heroic DGs and convert to HP and get the 476 pvp gear from the honor quartermaster in TLS (it doesn't matter if you pvp or not) and fill in the gaps in your armory and replace the lowest ilvl with that.
Run LFR when you get appropriate ilvl.

Rinse and repeat.

DGs are the most efficient way to get valor in this game, you will want to do 1 a day for the valor you get. Combine that with LFR and you will cap valor each week.
Thanks guys. Didn't have any luck in the first two LFRs this week so I'm stuck at 465 till next week I think...or, if I am able to grind Sunreaver/Shado Pan up before Tuesday. Glad to see I don't have to do the old factions, though.

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