Longevity of Tier 14 4-Piece?

Death Knight
Hi all, wanted to get some insight from the Blood DK community. I've recently picked up a handful of ToT pieces, so I'm trying to gauge at what point I should be swapping over from my four-piece Tier 14.

My armory currently shows some of the new gear I have available. My highest ilvl options for each main slot are:

522 Helm from Horridon
496 Tier 14 Shoulders
502 Tanking Chest
502 Tier 15 Gloves
496 Tanking Legs from Vizier

These are the best tier 14 pieces I have available for the same slots:

496 Tier 14 Helm
496 Tier 14 Shoulders
483 Tier 14 Chest
496 Tier 14 Gloves
483 Tier 14 Legs

Can anyone advise me on how much the Tier 14 four-piece is worth, and/or provide recommendations on which gearset would get me the most mileage? I'm currently serving as backup offtank in our 10-man ToT normal raid, for scope purposes.
Go with the pieces that have the stats that you need. I don't think anybody is going to actually look up each piece and compare for you, that's your job.

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