Low Level Bg's and Prot Paladins

I haven't died in my last six battlegrounds and because of this I get top damage every single time and keep killing everything.

I feel like this is the most overpowered a class can be in a level bracket, you'd think blizz could tweak self healing a little... I mean it takes six people to kill me and they have to like... chain stun/silence me and hope I don't have bubble lol
lol just did another one, only got 3 kb's this time but I was top damage by about 100k and at a few points six people were beating on me. I also keep up to three people alive with ease in a fight with selfless healer and holy power.

Six people attacking me = Trinket, hand of freedom, judgement for speed, word of glory with judgements, insta cast flash of lights and if it gets super hairy once every five minutes I can bubble or hand of protection lol also I can reduce all damage by like 30% and magic damage by 40%, what a dumb class.
And paladins aren't even close to the top in low level pvp.

You're fighting people who are awful.
And paladins aren't even close to the top in low level pvp.

You're fighting people who are awful.

I know lol, I've been !@#$ting on hunters who don't use

Serpent Sting (which I cleanse anyway, but whatever, cleanse has a CD and serpent sting doesn't)
Scatter %^-*
Daze shot (hand of freedom it usually, but still, might as well try)
Any traps

Other paladins or ele shamans who for some reason don't heal themselves at all... or cast a heal when they're at like 10% hp and I just silence it and kill them lol

here's a sampling from a few games I played today, everyone sucks so bad, but still, healing classes are unkillable except by large numbers and it's not right



Literally just killed four people in a four on one fight, took about two minutes and they all just died and failed to down me. I wish I was recording this !@#$, but it's not exactly skill based lol
Another 3v1 ahahah rogue, warrior and deathknight, i killed em all with avengers shield and consecrate while keeping myself alive without using a single cooldown. I don't even have to use cooldowns (didn't even pop racial) to kill three people! It's retarded.
My protection spec uses my Retri Gear - I can out DPS Retri Paladins and usually end up with a handful of Kills. It's just slow - but damn can they hit hard at times.
I remember going into Alterac Valley around level 70 - 74 as Prot in my questing gear and really tearing it up.
But that was back in Cataclysm and it was only for one BG. I almost never do less-than-90 PvP.
Try Prot in 90 BGs

I have and I do. It's pretty damn fun/

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