Blood Audit Request

Death Knight

Pl0x? =S
Your reforging and mastery level seems great

Are you having any issues surviving? If not you are set

However i prefer rune corruption over blood tap
Best forum icons ever

As for the audit request.

Not really sure why you used a mastery/stam gem in your weapon's prismatic socket. I'd also suggest using the Stam JC gems to a point just because we're kind of shorted when we use the mastery gems. You barely get any mastery in place of a normal mastery gem. It's a fault of it that the mastery and stam JC gems are equal point for point. Collectively it's 960 mastery or stam. But in the case of mastery it's only replaced 640 mastery. So to a point you're better off going with the Stam Gems and putting them in two of the blue sockets. You're only losing 160 mastery to get a lot of health where in the mastery you're losing 320 to get barely 160

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