about what ilvl is needed to get green fire?

I know i am far from well geared but on the offchance that i get the book or buy it, what ilvl would be needed to give you at least a snowball's chance in hell at getting the whole quest line done? I know i know skill is a factor but it only is a factor to a certain point, at which it becomes a numbers game.

thank you for your time
I did it with quite a bit of difficulty at 484, i'd think 495-505 it'd be pretty reasonable.

[quite a bit of difficulty = several days of only logging on to attempt it, a mountain of repair bills, hours reading up on strategies, macros, changing keybinds, etc.]
This guy did it with 384:

There is no gear limit, (purification potions remove the enrage portion) at which point it just becomes a skill thing.
470+ is probably the requirement unless you play perfectly, and even then that requires fairly good play

480+ for a better than average player

490+ for a lot of slack

500+ for loooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooool

So far it's been done as low as 467 (TMK), so it could probably be done even lower, but again this requires play that's basically borderline perfection.
I did it at 488
I did it with full s13 honor gear with hit gems crammed in the sockets.
I did it with 485 took about 6 hours, total maybe? Then again I did it from midnight till 5am, woke up and 3 shotted the thing. It can be quite random sometimes.
/sigh so it looks like i still need a ton of gear just to run it for 8 hours straight
Or just gem and enchant your gear and do the mechanics correctly.
Can do it with any ilvl, with purification pots. It's mostly mechanics

However, I did it at 510 ilvl in 10 tries and it was actually laughably easy once I got the fight down

Gear certainly helps, but if you are a !@#$ up and can't handle the mechanics you won't be able to do it regardless of your gear level
I can honestly say, after watching that video, that I will have to love red fire, lol. My abilities are such that I will never be able to do this fight. Congrats to those who have the skill and good luck to those that attempt it. It is indeed a prestige item.

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