Crash upon login - at submitting non-personal

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Ever since the small download today, I am getting a crash every time I try to log into WoW. It gets to the screen that says "Submitting non-personal system specification" and then crashes. I am running a Mac V 10.8.3. Everything had been working fine until the download on Apr 1st, 2013.

Any ideas what the problem could be or how to remedy the situation?
im having the exact same problem. my computer keeps freezing every time i try to login
check out this link. theres a big discussion on the topic
Move this thread over to mac tech support plz.
not just mac's nvidia card/windows 7 i cant login f0 shi7
We're looking into this for OS X.

For those on OS X, what make/model of mouse do you have?
Try also unplugging the mouse before hitting submit.
I have a Razor Naga, unplugging it and I was able to get past the submit non-personal survey crashing.
Unplugging the mouse during the login process fixed the problem.

I have a Gigabyte GM-M6800 Mouse

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