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So, I just leveled my monk to 90, as a tank. Never healed.

I was looking at fistweaving and became interested.

Can someone help me get started with the most basic of things, aka stat priority, secondary stat priority etc. Do they go for agility since they do damage and the healing is a byproduct, or are they still going for intel/spirit as with all other healers in the game. Sorry for the noob questions. Not sure where to start here.
A fistweaver will never use Agility. They gain their attack power solely through intellect/spellpower. Crit and spirit will be your most important secondary stats. Crit for big hits, spirit to keep enough mana. Mastery is almost useless to a pure fistweaver except in AoE healing situations (Spinning Crane Kick). You'll still want enough haste to hit the breakpoints for additional Renewing Mist ticks (3125 for first one... I think?). Fistweaving works ok for running heroic dungeons, but you can't heal a raid effectively just with fistweaving, so at the minimum you will need to work in some renewing mists and uplift even if you're essentially only acting as half healer half damage.

And that's the important part. Since 5.2, you can't solely heal through fistweaving. It's good supplemental healing and relatively mana neutral if you glyph your mana tea and use it every time you have 2 stacks, but you're not going to be healing anything more challenging than heroic dungeons with fistweaving alone.
I never use spinning crane kick.(I would say it is more of a 25 man healing ability, not sure). If you keep Renewing Mist and uplifts going for aoe you'll be fine and Revival is a big clutch heal.

As a fistweaver, you need to keep your two main buffs up. Blackout kick (serpent zeal), and Tiger palm(Tiger Power). Also, make sure you have your statue down. In ToT there are points where there may be down time for healing, so fist weaving helps dps the boss' down(or adds) when needed. Learning to manage your chi generation is key to using this technique in raids, even heroics 5 mans. If you do not watch your chi you will go oom fast, but even if you are oom you should still be fine healing with mana tea and passive regen.

Glyphs I suggest are Surging Mist ( because 5 Tiger Plams= Free Surging mist) - The smart heal can shoot out to someone who needs it instead of hitting you all the time. Glyph of mana tea is what will save you as a fist weaver.

Do not go agility, our spell power is converted into attack power. I have 55k self buffed. I have gotten 100k dps on some trash pulls but usually round out at 50-70k with just FW. You will have alot of over healing (we already do with normal healing), but you just have to play with it.

You will want to get soft hast cap (7.4%) then go into crit. Mastery is fine its great in the new content with all the movement so they will be used eventually and they do explode when they expire. I've seen some guys stack all mastery and some guys all crit, just need to test it out on your own play style.

My damage right now is 95k (200k crits) (25k heal)for Tigers palm, and 108k(220k crit) (30k heal)for Blackout kick-which can also cleave heal. Crackling Lightning does about 45k(95k crit)(13k heal).This is with 506 ilvl and a 522 staff, and self buffed.
Guys, I really appreciate your time and the education that you have given me. Tenguman, I am impressed with your gear/setup. Can you actually go pure fistweaving for healing? It seems that with normal 50-70k you would do a lot of healing..... what is your healing to damage ratio?

Also, do you use any macros to DPS? Right now I am using:

/castsequence reset=5 Jab, Renewing Mist, Blackout Kick, Jab, Tiger Palm, Jab, Tiger Palm, Jab, Tiger Palm, Jab, Tiger Palm, Mana Tea, Renewing Mist, Jab, Tiger Palm, Surging Mist, Expel Harm, Uplift, Jab, Blackout Kick, Chi Wave, Mana Tea
/use 13
Aye fistweavers never use agi, it just doesn't bare any use to them.

in fact their stats are built like most any other healers, (spirit, haste to 15% ~, crit, mastery.) with crit and mastery being the ones to play with to your suiting style.

I have fistweaved through fights before but I just wouldn't suggest it for all your healing. For one, in heroics and in raids eminence is a clumsy tool. Especially compared to atonement. (to get the most out of it you have to be in melee, where you and take allot of dmg, therefor, negating eminence entirely until you heal up yourself first.) Atonement for the most part doesn't have that problem,being a ranged effect you can just plaster stuff. plus, you heal for 100% of damage dealt, not 25-50%. Add that to the fact that most the time you don't get the luxury to just stand there and beat on stuff so you can heal. Healers do have to do allot more moving around anyway, but not at the same rate melee dps does. Plus, your healer squishy.

thats not even getting into the issues with mana fistweaving has at the moment. With fistweaving, your main chi generator is jab, which costs allot, regardless of the mana refund for using tiger palm or blackout kick. Though there are other cd chi generators, the mana to heal power just is way to high to be functional for me, and at least, right now.

though if you do want to maximize your melee heal output, my talents and glyphs that are important look like this.

Chi Burst
Power Strikes
Leg Sweep
Diffuse Magic
Chi Torpedo

celerity so I get more avoidance, chi torpedo so i don't loose healing when i am using rolls, powerstrikes so on occasion jab gives me 2 instead of 1 chi, and leg sweep for when i need a group of mobs stunned. (more useful than you would think.) the second to last talents are interchangeable. Oh and chi burst for its big fat heal that hits the tank when it hits the target your fistweaving. (and all melee dps.)

but yes, the surging mist talent is pretty much the fistweaver talent you need if you are going to attempt it for a long period of time. without it, your cant stay quick enough on your rotation.

oh and your healing to damage ratio is give or take 2:1? ish? it really matters on the fight and how much you are avoiding damage compared to just slapping the hell outta stuffs.

to put it all a different, much shorter way, as of now, fistweaving is clumsy becuase you dont control eminence, it heals whoever is lowest, which could easily be you if your not careful enough. (last heroic i fist weaved I healed myself for 33% of the heals I casted, 85% of the healing came from eminence, which is a real problem since you wanna be healing everyone else, not yourself.) your healing/damage ratio is quite high, but how effective those heals are can be quickly called into question.
Awesome, thanks. I'm doing pretty well with DPS/healing so far - been 90 for 3 days now, but I think that monks have a few problems when you compare them to priests (what I currently play). Their heals range is a bit low compared to priests, and their requirement to stay up close hampers them when a priest can do it from anywhere without moving too much.
Awesome, thanks. I'm doing pretty well with DPS/healing so far - been 90 for 3 days now, but I think that monks have a few problems when you compare them to priests (what I currently play). Their heals range is a bit low compared to priests, and their requirement to stay up close hampers them when a priest can do it from anywhere without moving too much.

Ya by comparison to Atonement healing, Fistweaving is much more difficult overall. It requires a much higher investment, and costs us far more mana than it does priests. You have to be much more careful about what you hit and when (ie. never hitting jab twice in a row), and it obviously requires us to be in melee range.

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