Has anyone used our level 87 ability?

I think used it a few times to reset spirit kings heroic so the wipes wouldn't take as long, plus save some gold on mine and my guildmates gear. Other than that, Tigercrane put most of its ToT uses in their post.
I use it in the Shrine to move between the Bank and the Reforge/Void Storage/Transmog vendors quickly. You can go right through the wall!

I've also used it on a few bosses. Notably Wind Lord and Imperial Vizier. Sometimes I remember to use it on Elegon, too.
Don't use it too often in pve, although there are occassions its useful, however it is extremely useful for pvp. Use it all the time in arenas and BGs, saves my life on a regular basis.
Transcendence is amazing for capture the flag BGs.

Imagine yourself as a monk (preferably MW, but any will do) carrying the flag. You make it to your base but cant cap because enemy team has your flag. You go to the roof, pop transcendence, and wait.

Lo and behold, the inevitable rush of enemy players swarm you. What can one man do against many? You jump off the roof. Bloodthirsty, they follow for the kill. Transcendence back to roof and enjoy saftey and refreshments. By the time you get back up you'll be at full health and transcendence will almost be off CD for a repeat.

With all the root/snare breaks and damage reduction, in addition to transcendence, monks make great flag carriers. Especially mistweaver monks.

It also works well for BGs where you need to control a node. Enemy druids or shammies knock you off, teleport back with a quickness.

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