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Nice, now explain to me why when I launched Wow my screen showed a fuzzy messed up front page and when clicked desktop icon I was confronted with a page that looked 8 yrs old in graphics and tools
Does this mean y'all will be able to FINALLY hotfix Draenei weapon-size who dual wield 2h'ers and make them the SAME SIZE while sheathed on their backs?? Only class that does it and honestly kinda annoying..

..that said Grats on the steps in the right direction!!! :)
It seems the latest patches crashed me. I can get logged in, but on entering the server my framerate takes a huge hit and within about a minute the client freezes. Seems to have something to do with entering and leaving zones, both new and previously visited.
Awesome! Can we expect that tooltip updates will be released with hotfixes going forward?
I had to turn off certain plug-ins that were giving me posted errors, then reboot my machine to fix the problem. Not sure I'm going to appreciate these mini-updates if they're going to regularly upset the stability of the client.
How large are these small patch downloads?
we are having problems with usage and would like to be able to find the file size somewhere.
good! now make 1 handed weapons the same size when i sheath them plox!
I just wish you would allow us to choose when to launch the blizzard down loader and included,a warning that it might cause your computer to crashed. you always launch on the weekend when Blizzard is closed and we can't call. Then you included all these instruction on How to fix the problem you created in the first place. I like to play wow for fun and to relax.If I wanted to be a computer tec. I would have gone to I.T.T. have gone to work for Blizzard,Windows or Apple. I don't want to do your job,I just want to have some fun,yet every time you do a Patch you mess up the computer of people that are not computer tec. does it give you a hi and make you feel well endowed ?Just once I wish you could do a patch with out any computer going down going .but then you would not have any fun Is it blizzard tec. way of make sure they have job security just wondering.WHY must we always get broken patches,In other words put them on your own personal computers and get the kinks out be for you launch them world wide Believe me no offence to the artist that do the art work which is why I play If you don't spend as much time fixing wow as you do the other Blizzard games,I and my extended family in 25 states and their friend world wide and different regions will stop playing all blizzard game we will go to the dark side your competition.

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