2 dps looking for raiding guild

My girlfriend and I are looking for a new home raiding team on a more populated server... We are currently on a low population server and unable to raid at all on the server.

We are looking for a guild that meets as much of the following requirements as possible:

Starts after 8pm Server a few nights a week
Horde Side
Mature and focused raid team
10 man raiding preferred
Spots for both of us on the same raid

I have played my rogue since mid BC and she is currently playing her elemental shaman for all of Mists but previously playing a mage so has tons of raid Experience

If any guilds are interested please respond on here with who to talk to or hit me up over on Malfurion Thanks!

I can offer you everything but 10 man raiding. We are 25 man, Thu/Sun 8pm-11pm. Check out our site at wolvewsofwar.com
Still looking for a new home guild... now on server! Anyone please feel free to respond here or in game my tag is Nepo#1658

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