[H]<Dost Thou Even Hoist?> Recruiting

Earthen Ring
<Dost Thou Even Hoist?>
6/6 MSV 6/6 HoF 4/4 ToES 8/12 ToT
Raid times: Friday/Saturday 11pm - 2:30am EST

Resto Shaman
Resto Druid
Mistweaver Monk

We offer:
Repairs for all raids
Flasks for raids
(We also typically cover all enchants as well.)

All players are welcomed to the guild. No intense application process. Just whisper one of the people online and we will gladly invite.

What are we: We're a laid back bunch of former AIE members on our raid team, Raiders on the Storm, who decided to branch out and do it on our own.

Possible backups for raid also welcome.


6/23: Updated needs and progression
I approve this guild... best name ever
Catch Phrase seal of approval.
I approve this guild... best name ever
Best guild Earthen Ring USA
Catch Phrase seal of approval.
why do you guys have the best guild name

why do you guys have the best guild name

Cause we hoist!

You too could come hoist with us!
Dost thou even watch pain & gain?
Logged in just to say I love that guild name :)
Almost guild level 10. Come on now, I know more of you are itching to join us. And get away from the hustle and bustle of a boring guild chat. Ours is awesome and not tightly moderated... cough cough.

PS Catch Phrase are also a pretty neat guild.

I wanna throw an alt in it ;~;
All are welcome :D
Feed that intrigue. You may or may not have a good time. Never know.
Now with more live streams! www.twitch.tv/naderage
Guild Herald of the Titans run done! Still recruiting!
Livestream up right now for TOT progression!

Updated first post with recruitment needs

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