[H]<Dost Thou Even Hoist?> Recruiting

Earthen Ring
I think they'll pull it off.
Ji-Kun down. Still lovin Catch Phrase.

Looking for a pally/resto druid healer. Get at me!
Boom boom 6/12 bump
The earthen ring race is heating up.
We're so advanced over here. You have no idea.
Where are all the holy paladins?
Where are all the holy paladins?

I'm right here, bro.
Still looking for a MW/Resto Druid/H Pally for immediate loots.

PST in game or go to dteh.guildlaunch.com
Bamp for bads.
Oh lawdy needing a good tank!
Pretty please?
Bumpin it up, still looking for leet heals and a plate tank to come hoist with us. I personally guarantee the most fun in mumble you've ever had.
And back in need of a solid resto shaman/resto druid/holy pally. :/
Bumping for good group of dudes
Still needing a shaman/monk healer. Ours is MIA. And we're 8/12 now.
Recruiting all people for flex raids, and possible 2nd group. Get in while it's awesome.
might be interested in flexing, on an alt or somethin'

what day/time would this be :?
Lord Poofington II (my resto druid) might be interested at some point (and more than likely my gf would like to burr tank)
Lemme hit 90 first broskibro then we talks about 'dem sweet flexraydez

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