Best Instances to solo for Gold as 90 dk?

Death Knight
used to be u could solo some nax bosses for around 500g each, as with mag, grull, the elite ouside bt and world boss in hfp I think, all that's been nerfed as with kara which also used to be good, been messing around with cata dungens, the heroics still seem a bit hard like ZG and take to long, the reg mode catas aren't to bad but I only earn around 150g in black rock caverns unless a blue bwe drops that people would use for 80 twinks, any ideas?
BC heroics/level 70 dumgeons aren't too bad, pull the whole instance and aoe. About 200g for maybe 15 minutes of work. Best if you find the once where you don't have to stop and kill a boss, just get everything tot he last room.

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