Kanrethad Burn Phase - Doom Guard Aggro

So... if it isn't one thing it's another with this fight. I've finally found an easy way to deal with the felhunters. Most of it just revolved around me not being smart with the DPS rotation on them.

Now... I am having trouble with the imps and doomguards in the burn phase. I can't find a way to lose aggro... no matter what I do these !@#$s keep aggro on me and refuse to attack the pit lord.

The main problem though is that the doom guards seem to get aggro on me no matter what and burn me down. I portal hop, and soulshatter when I can... but they keep attacking me. I don't understand it. My last try I portal hopped and soulshattered and the doomguards still didn't turn around and attack the Pitlord -_-

Should I CC the doomguards? Or be more pro-active in having the pitlord attack them? Is there a better way to keep the imps off my !@# but still get embers?
Just mimic the guy in this video...


Watch how he charges imps/fel pups. And how he aggros the doom guards..
Thanks for the link. I see he manually has the pitlord attack them.

I'm going to try charging the imps from now on though.
Just got my green fire today. During burn phase I banished one and set the Pit Lord to attack the other for like 2 seconds to get aggro. Then I just did the usually charge / breath fire / use my rof and other aoe on the imps. I didn't kill them though, just set it up to get healing from the glyph, rain of fire to generate embers, popped all my defensive CD's used dark soul and Soulburn Soulburn Soulburn Soulburn Soulburn

I found this to be the best way to deal with everything. The only thing I changed was I put the gates on the left and right of the big gate kan comes out of. But pretty close so I could move quick.

Read the thread, watch the video. Also I found that after 2 full rounds of phases, when I had kan at about 5%, the summon rotation changed up to JUST imps. I never saw a 3rd round of pups.

If you aren't putting out enough dps on the boss, make sure you have a purification potion and use it about half way through. Also dismiss the pit lord every time the doom guards are summoned.

It's all about threat management.. Keep making sure to jump through the gates

Lastly , make sure the pit lord isn't just standing around after you move him for imps or pups.

Good luck!
Yup, he only summons the pups twice. Honestly they're pretty easy to deal with if you keep cool about it. Although I say this after wiping dozens of times on them. lol. Oh well. I think 90% of that is remembering to dispel and top off before he summons them, as well as using the correct DPS rotation. Honestly the dispel on the pit lord isn't even a big deal, if it happens early fear him if not then just deal with it.

I made a macro for ensuring that one doomguard is always banished. That way it is easier to ensure the pitlord has aggro on the other. Also made a macro for charging/breathing on the imps.

My DPS on the boss is awful, abysmal really. I think the last time I had to use the purification pot I had him down to 45%. lol... which means I won't really have to worry since DPSing him is not the issue that it is when you have to worry about the felpups. I have enough trouble keeping track of everything else. My poor brain just wasn't meant to keep track of THIS many things at once. I got him down to 30%. Very close. My only issue is taking too much damage from the doom guards and the imps.

PS: I'm having trouble finding purifications potions in the AH... wtf. Damn alchemists -_-
I downloaded bigwigs and littlewigs, they have timers for the boss, it was a little better to keep up with. I had to refresh enslave and things got a little out of control. I'll probably keep at it over the weekend though.
I like this video
Be sure to use your gateways on cool down and don't waste your shatter. I usually didn't even CC the doomgaurds a second time, just let my pitlord attack them twice after a fear and he got agro, the porting your should be doing every cool down should save you from having to pay attention to the doom guards, really.

Sidenote: the doomguards tickle anyway.

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