[HolyPaladin]New to server;LF Guild/CMs/Raids

Greetings, hope everyone is having a wonderful weekend.

I've recently come back to the game after capping at max level. My former server was slowly fading, so I decided to jump ship to a growing community.

Rather than make two separate posts, I've created this thread to serve two purposes:

    Gauge interest in Challenge Modes

    Entertain offers from guilds looking to add a healer to their roster

I've been playing since December '05, though I haven't raided much since TBC. Seeking to get back into the swing of things with a group that prioritizes doing work.

I am a competent and skilled player that does my research and shows up on time. I am in search of a group that raids NO MORE than 3 days a week. It is my belief that the content does not merit more than 3 days a week despite the size of the raid tier. My availability is nightly, weekday or weekend, after 7 PM EDT.

My preference of raid size is 10-man, although I will consider 25-man options if the deal is sweet enough. I prefer close knit environments where I can get to know each player's playstyle and personality.

My gear is obviously not up to snuff for ToT. If your guild is getting a late jump on the expansion, or you run alternate raids, I would be happy to fill in.

Further questions can be directed to me in-game on this character, or through battle.net (Kosok#1293)
Hi Kosok,

I along with three other guildmates just server transferred to Zul'jin as well from a slow server. We currently have a monk tank, spriest, destro warlock, and disc priest.

We just came back to the game approximately a month ago. We plan on starting to raid again with a 10-man team starting the week of April 12th in order to give us some time to get the newly acquired guild situated and recruit. We will be raiding 10:30 pm to 12:30 am server (EST) time *or later if everyone chooses to do so*.

Our monk tank just hit 90, so helping you get gear as well would not be an issue.

I will add you to my friends list and try to catch you online soon. I would love to speak with you about joining our team.
Thank you for the response Kittanni.

Still fielding offers for guilds.

Still looking for more interested in gold challenge mode runs.
Up for more.
Help me help you
Welcome to the server.
Hello, I may have something for you we are a weekend raid team that just transferred off of Exodar that is now super low pop for a chance to get some progression. we raid friday- saturday 7:15-10:30 2/12 tot

This is a link to our website

My battletag is Zallynara#1280 we can talk more thanks =)
we here at Adrenaline Rush are currently recruiting. we are a brand new guild with lots of opportunity. if interested u may contact either myself or pinktastic in game for some more info. ty for ur time :D
Your gear is still really bad. You should try openraid.us to catch up in gear so people will want to bring you. The game isn't the same as it used to be anymore.
We just moved here from a dying server as well. We have a "casual and fun" 10 man raid team that goes through progression at their own pace that raids on T/W at 9-12pm server. We are also forming a "progression focused" team that will be raiding on Th/Sun/M. <Refresh> Try us out!

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