503 Feral LF 10m raiding guild (2/12 Exp)

Area 52
Currently looking for a 10m raiding guild.
503 Feral...Working on a Boomkin OS, currently 485.
Can raid any day except Friday!
I have 2/12 downed, with plenty of experience on Council.
I'm not a raid robot, and I can be active within your guild.

You can message me in game through the mail system, or you can add my battle tag.

You should try to run some more LFR and use World of Logs to log your work.

I'm looking at some logs from January/February and they look pretty decent.

Run some LFR with WoL running and it'll help prospective guilds get a feel for your capability. =)
I'll contact you in game at some point, but you can have a look at my recruitment post at the link below. I think you'd be a good addition to our team.

Still looking!
I'll shoot you a battletag request, but our recruitment thread is here:

Here are my most recent logs of the first three LFR bosses to give guilds an idea of my capability as Llamasham suggested: http://worldoflogs.com/reports/rt-mh6w4jad8k58pmd8/

Due to the tanks not pulling Jin-rokh to the pools, I was unable to gain 40% increased damage for a very large portion of the fight.
Still looking for a guild. Would prefer times between 7pm and 11:30pm. Thanks!
Hoping to find a guild by Tuesday!

Hello Green,

If you havent found a guild yet we may have an opening for you.

Please contact me at zahkkul#1390 or whisper Lorendo, Zahkkul or Methmos in game.

Looking to have spot filled for this coming tuesday and wednesday.


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