[A]<NÖCTURNAL> GMT+8 LF core raiders

NÖCTURNAL is a new form raiding guild, we are looking for team-members (age 18+)who is interest to build up a core raiding team base on the GMT+8 time (Perth/SG/HK/Malay, Asia time zone or late night raiders).

The current objective for the guild is to get full group to start fresh; from T14 to T15 and onward.

If you believe you are one of the people who like to raid in this time zone with performance, commitment, and the desire to progress, please contact (Kazuya#1802 <-- Real ID) or Candy/Womikaka in-game for further discussion. (Will online almost every day from 11:00pm ST till late.)

Planning Raid Schedules
Wed ST 10:50pm - 2:00am (8:50pm - 12:00am Perth/HK/SG time)
Thu ST 10:50pm - 2:00am (8:50pm - 12:00am Perth/HK/SG time)
Mon ST 10:50pm - 2:0am (8:50pm - 12:00am Perth/HK/SG time)
May add up more nights, if people have the desire to raid more.

Need all class/spec ATM.

hi. since 2 or 3 or my guildies from Drak'Tharon are thinking of a transfer if we get to find a decent raiding guild, we are interested. but we're hoping to find a weekend raiding guild as weeknights are quite intermittent schedules due to our work schedules.

you can check out our armory details: Beawolfe, Arrybeth and Arianny.
We still looking for 1x Ele Shammy and 1x Rogue in our core team! Also all level and class causal members.
If interest please contact Candy/(Kazuya#1802 <-- Real ID) in game or Womikaka via QQ id 237370374
Still looking for one more Rage (Hunter/Druid/Ele Shammy) or Melee rogue.
Still looking for 1x Melee Cat/Rogue/Monk/DK or Pally
very interested guys. imma 512 worgen fury warrior. may i join?

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