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We are speaking in quite a few absolutes here. There are two Thunderbolt and two USB 3.0 ports plus an HDMI out on the rMBP. I'm quite certain that someone who wants the machine will make those work. Someone who doesn't want the machine won't need to try.

As for the Thunderbolt Ethernet adapter, I can't speak to the battery-drain, but if you are plugging in to Ethernet for an extended period of time, there probably isn't a reason you wouldn't plug power into the wall as well.

Also, WoW isn't the only reason that someone would get a rMBP. I understand that we are posting on the WoW forums here and giving advice to people who play WoW, but people who play the game use their devices for other purposes as well.

I use the rMBP for writing code, web design, app design, graphic design, photo editing, playing a couple of games on the go and all of my travel-related computer needs. Speaking for those who have similar needs, it is a great choice. The screen real-estate is fantastic and viewing/editing photos is wonderful. Adobe Creative Cloud is a fantastic partner for the machine if you are the type of person who uses these tools.

I don't ever choose it over my iMac at home as there are more pixels at my desk than there are on my rMBP and I am very much a pixel !@#$%.

If you have some of the concerns posted by my friends above, the rMBP probably isn't the right choice for you. Specifically, living under a data cap or needing to plug in to everything all the time.

I think I've said my peace here and will let other people have the last word, but am grateful for all in the discussion. Hopefully we have helped a few people down the road make a better informed decision.

I will say that Omegal's first sentence of his initial reply was a perfect answer to OPs question. It was my reading of the second paragraph that brought on the discussion. :)
No worries Havok. It's been a civil discussion that brought out the pros/cons of the rMBP, and so the OP should now be able to decide what he wants. That's what the thread was for. :)

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