Sha weapon drop nerfed?>

There's a good reason why I'm going to go straight PvP because if I work hard, I get rewarded with better gear that I've earned and it isn't based off chance and having to run drama filled raids and taking durability loss. I've tried getting a PvE weapon upgrade since ToES came out and doing multiple rolls a week and even chancing my luck with two other weapons that drop in ToT.
86 rolls on a weapon so far (476 or Better)... as you can see using a 463 upgraded blue still after 6 months!

Dear Blizzard, please give an alternative option to RNG... random is random is the most retarded thing ever. I don't understand how a person rolling once deserves something more than I... I've payed my dues, give me options... I have one option... RNG
It took me ~30+ loots to get my gun from T14 LFR (killing Lei Shei 3x a week for 8 weeks, plus a few extra before I really started going for the gun)

The same week my guild finally got around to start working on ToT, Lei Shei gave me the gun instead of the tier token on normal (of which I had received like a dozen or so while killing Lei Shei on LFR)...

I hate that elemental
Take a peak at my weapon as well. Still after all this time NO WEAPONS. I got the one I'm using from a heroic the first week MoP was out. NOTHING since. It's really starting to piss me off.
It's just the stupid and frustrating drop rate in this expac.
Everyone is talking bout how they cant get the Sha touched weapons to drop

And I'm just sitting here vendoring my 4th LFR Taoren the soul burner
Got the Sha-Touched gun my first LFR kill [don't really have access to normals at this time, but I will very soon]. 3 days later, I yell at Tortos to "gimme dat bow" and threw a coin at him...

/hides bow behind her back

I never got the gun to drop either have the gem for it though. Just picked up Durumu's Baleful Gaze this weekend after my LFR group did 7 pulls so that was good notice it is one handed does anyone know if I can then use a offhand? If I can get something for haste

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