Frost Mage Crit Rating & reforge/gem help.


I have a Frost Mage that I am currently gearing for PvP and I have a couple of questions regarding reforges.

How much Crit Rating is required to achieve 25% with Arcane Brilliance and Molten Armor?

Should I go for 25% Crit Rating without Molten Armor so I can use either Mage Armor or Frost Armor?

If going for 25% Crit without Molten Armor, what Crit Rating would be required to achieve 25%?

I have noticed that a lot of Frost Mages are using 320 PvP Power gems in blue sockets over the purple 80 Int and 160 PvP Power, does this mean that 2 PvP Power > 1 PvP Power and 0.25 Int? Seeing some 80 Int and 160 PvP power purple gems in red sockets, does this mean that 1 PvP Power and 0.5 Int > 1 Int?

Thanks in advance to all that reply.
You don't need that much crit in pvp as frost due to shatter. Anywhere around 16% is a good number.

I recommend gemming resil as a mage due to being focused a lot
Thanks for your reply Shatterlol. However, presuming you mean 16% crit unbuffed, add 5% for Arcane Brilliance and another 5% from Molten Armor, making a total of 26% crit. Shatter doubles your crit and adds an additional 50% (correct me if im wrong), therefore you would end up with 102% crit against a frozen target. If you mean 16% buffed, this would equate to only 82% crit chance against a frozen target, which in my books seems be a massive dps loss.

My goal is to get exactly 100% crit on a frozen target without wasting any stats, so I can stack the rest on to haste. I would love to know what the exact crit rating required (not percentage) to achieve either 25% crit with AB and MA, and for 25% crit with just AB.

Thanks for the tips on gemming :)

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