Looking for 25m Raid Group

Myself, another tank and 3 dps are looking for a 25 man raid team for ToT. I am a blood dk 499 ilvl with frost offspec, prot pally 498 ilvl with holy offspec, hunter 503 ilvl BM/Survival, Frost mage 497 ilvl and either a frost dk or rogue with 497 dk and 493 rogue. We raided T14 but after the 4th boss in HoF our 2 healers left and our server is very low pop for horde and we could'nt replace them. Currently 1/12 but know all the fights, we cant find a good enough raid group due to lack of healers and want to switch realms and do 25m raiding. We all have experience raiding, with everyone raiding since TBC or before except myself who started raiding during DS in cata but raided every week and been tanking every week since MoP released. We all know our classes and know the fights. Very mature group and everyone loves to joke around but gets serious when it comes time to down bosses. We really want to progress in ToT and get to heroics, looking for a good group, thank you.
It's going to be a nightmare trying to find a 25 that will take all 5 of you. I had an extremely hard time finding a group that would just take a pair of extremely-qualified feral druids.

Most 25s sit people regularly. Most 25s are against package deals (even spouses/partners). Your best bet would be to create a new 25 man group, or to rebuild a 10 man group over here. It is extremely easy to PUG anything but tanks on Mal'Ganis, so if you have that covered, and you're not awful people to spend time with, you should do just fine here.

Good luck, wherever you end up! ^^
Thank you, i appreciate that. We were starting to think the same thing, we might just make a new guild and start 10 man and if we can build enough then go into 25's, i use to do 25 and some of the other have also, i like 10 man but the majority wants to do 25 man. Mal'ganis looks like a good server and we are definitely transferring to it. Deciding what we are going to do is the hard part lol. We've just wasted so much time on our server trying to find people so i think everyone is really eager to start going and not have to transfer and then completely rebuild and possibly be in the same situation as we are already in, at least for the beginning. But, its looking like we may just have to start fresh and pug like you said. Thanks again for the help.
Hi there Atim,

I see you are interested in making a guild for 25mans, we are currently recruiting so we would be able to do the same thing if you are interested ?

Would you be on in about an hour to discuss ?

Link to recruitment thread

Your best bet would be contacting a group that's reforming, or any new group.

If you think you still need a leader, I'm sure those options would be perfect.

If you think you have what it takes, start a raid group!

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