504 Hunter (4/12 exp) LF semi-casual 10M

Hi. I'll try and be succinct. I'm a decently geared BM/Survival hunter looking for a spot in a casual(ish) 10 man raiding guild. I know my class well and like to keep up with changes to class mechanics and builds/strats for different fights. My raid attendance isn't an issue and I prefer 3 nights a week max. I keep a positive attitude during progression (not down at all with nerd rage or elitists) and I don't get bummed by wipes, etc when people are showing up and making an effort. I've only killed up to Tortos so obviously I wouldn't have issues joining a new or twice a week raid team. Faction switching is a maybe if a spot is open somewhere but I'd prefer to stay alliance.

I think that's it? If you have any questions at all please send a tell to Varulf (main) or Vao (mage alt) or leave your contact info here. Thanks for reading.

Still looking for a friendly home. All my pets are (mostly) house trained.
Hi Varulf,

TFM is currently looking for a few more people to fill out our roster due to attendance issues and I think we may be a good fit. We are a fairly casual guild currently raiding 2x a week for 3 hours and looking to move up to three times a week for 3 hours. We value good people that are fun to raid with over hardcore progression.

if you are at all interested please contact myself or Cu in game and feel free to fill out an application at TFM.guildlaunch.com.

best of luck in your search.
Greetings Varulf,

We are currently seeking a DPS, if you were interested in horde side. We raid 8-10:30 tues, wed and Monday. We are a casual guild, 4/12 so far and working on snakes. www.forbiddenlegion.com for more information or real ID add me Keania#1364!
Good luck finding a new home!
I've found myself a home but wanted to say thanks for responding. Also, The Fighting Mongooses is probably the most badass guild name I've ever seen. XD

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