2/13H <Parallax> recruiting Hunter

<Parallax> [US-Dalaran] is recruiting to fill holes in our roster for Heroic progression. We are looking for players who are dedicated to maximizing their class to the fullest of its potential; applicants must be skilled, open-minded towards criticism, and willing to put in the effort to progress on heroic content. If you are unable to avoid raid mechanics, or are on the bottom of the dps/hps charts, then you are looking at the wrong guild. We need players who are capable of pulling their own weight and thinking on their feet.

Recruiting Needs:

Even if your spec is not listed above, we are always accepting exceptional applicants. Contact Zigglesworth, Roflgotbuffd, or Baretaank for more info.

Raid Nights: During progression we run Monday-Thursday 8:45-12 EST. We have strict rules regarding attendance, and tardiness or absence is not tolerated unless cleared ahead of time.

12/12H ICC
13/13H Tier 11
7/7H Firelands
8/8H DS Server first kill

6/6H Mogu'shan Vaults
6/6H Heart of Fear
1/4H Terrace of Endless Spring
2/13H Throne of Thunder

History: <Parallax> is a 10 man progression guild that was formed July 6th, 2010 at the end of Wrath of the Lich King with one goal in mind: to become the best guild on server, where players can come and enjoy raiding in a great environment. We currently own the server in all server first achievements, so if earning a server first spam across the server is on your WoW bucket-list, this is the guild to get it done. We are aiming to push top 100 us rankings this expansion, and we need your help. A guild is only as strong as its weakest link; if we have a complete roster without weak players then the leadership and chemistry that is built within the guild will take us to where we want to be in MoP. We all play to compete in progression raiding, and the thrill of earning a new boss kill in the new tiers. If you are looking to raid in a competitive, yet fun and friendly raid environment, then apply now.
Good luck you guys, definitely a recommended guild if you're looking for a good place to call home on the Alliance.
Huge need for a Disc and hunter right now, apply within.
We found a Priest, but need a hunter very badly. We're specifically looking for someone 515+ who could immediately step into hardmode progression, but could work with someone to gear them given the right fit.

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