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Bleeding Hollow
Morning bump
Evening Bump...We now have Vent up and running...For the Horde!
Still looking for more RBGers. Nice first run last night guys.
Bump for success! Had a 5 cap in AB last night...good job to the guild members who were in it and a push for some more to join!
A wake up bump.
Hey all...I'm new to the server and looking for an RBG group. No officers online so figured I'd post here. Pst
Thanks all for the interest, we're building a very solid team. Last night with a minutes notice we put together a team for a nice 3-1 run.

Spots still open.
How about any room in guild for a arms warrior?
We can always use some deeps!! :)
Still a few spots open for the night team.
Getting a good group going and need a few more dps for the night team.
Nice RBG runs last night, still could use more melee DPS.
Good Evening!
How about a morning bump for dps 1400-1500 rating?
Another morning hit for some 1400-1500 dps...join us to help build a solid team!
you guys still looking for a Melee DPS?
you guys still looking for a Melee DPS?

Yes - I'll be online after 5ish today.

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