Raider thinking of transferring to Hyjal

I am looking for a new server, the sever I am on has been low pop for a long time and I would like to go to a server where there can be more opportunities. I have been playing this Hunter since 2008 I have raided all through WOTLK and Cata my guild was on its last leg due to key ppl deciding to stop playing added to the fact that talented players are few on a low pop server all the ones that are good already have guilds we fell apart half way through Heart of Fear I am looking for a raiding guild that raids weekly my raid availability is Tues. Wend. Sun. and Mon evenings I know that I would have to prove myself before getting a raid spot and I have been an officer in this guild since 2010.
Are there any raiding guilds on Hyjal that are looking for an experienced Ranged dps?

I currently have 1 hunter in our 25 man raid. We raid twice a week on Thu/Sun 8pm-11pm.

If these times fit please check out our site at
I would love to but as I have to work 2 jobs to get my bills paid Thur. Fri. and Sat. is out of the question I work 10 am to 10 pm all the rest of the pm's are free but them.
Looking for a raiding guild that raids Tues. Wed. evening. I can also raid Sun and Mon. evenings.
Loathe is a new guild to this server also. We just transfered here last week and are looking for raiders to fill out ranks so we can progress through ToT. A lot of us do quite a bit of PvP on the side. Our raid times are 6pm to 9pm server time on friday and saturday. If you are interested let me know.
I am now on Hyjal still looking for a good group of people to hang out with would love to raid but Thurs. Fri. and Sat. I have to work. all the other evenings are free and I live in PST so being up past midnight isn't a problem hit me up if anyone has any interest in adding me to your guild thanx
Provisional Sin just got an opening for a mail wearer if you're interested. We raid Tues/Wed. If you wanna talk more, here's my battle.tag: Rezy#1582

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