Class Loyalty.. fact or fiction?

Hello readers, long time scroller first time poster.

Firstly I would like to say that I agree with some of what I read on these forums. Mages are definitely not in an ideal position right now. Nerf's, especially recent ones, have really hit us hard and I have to admit I have to switch on when my guild raids, simply to justify my place in the team (if only to myself.) I went from putting in maybe 80-90% effort, talking some smack with guildies and just general tom foolery and still found myself pulling top numbers and progressing with the boys. Now I really have to focus to get my job done, and despite this I could easily be switched out with a hunter or something that can do the same as I do, plus more.

However... it will be a black day in hell when I quit my mage for something else. Not because I have a preference for mages, but simply I have pumped too many hours, NAY... MONTHS, leveling this guy and, moreover I have grown to love him. Yes he isn't as powerful as he has been. He cant pull great numbers anymore and has almost zero utility. But.. he's my dude... you know. He's my mage. Sure I chuck a few hours into alts, but I always come back to my main. It does bother me a little when I read people's threads and they say things like " I will quit my mage if Blizzard doesn't do this..." or " rerolling a lock cos of mage nerfs." Wasn't there more loyalty to classes in the early days of WOW? Or was it my imagination?

So... let me ask you all, dress wearing cannons of glass. Whats more important? Playing a class that you love and have spent so much time with and gotten to know like an old friend. Breached new content with and decked out with some sexy garb. Or just pulling the absolute best numbers possible. I know I don't play WOW to see pretty numbers scrolling across my screen... how about u?
Never say never.

I did two years as a pally. 6 as a mage. Now switched over to lock. I'm not a FOTM, but nothing lasts forever. Surely 6 years of mage douchebaggery is enough.

Eventually I grew to hate these old mains because they were no longer fun to me. I fell in love with another class and took the plunge. Over time the game changes, classes change, tastes change. If you want to keep things fresh you have to change it up.

I'm far less concerned about raw performance than I used to be. (I quit progression raiding at the end of Wrath.)
Yes I agree 6 years is a long time, Douchebaggery or no :), and with so much exp with mages you are more qualified to comment than me. But in that time with all the changes you mention, did you find mages treated any worse than other classes? In regards to nerfs and buffs etc.

I am by no means a Mage snob, my main for a long time was a priest and I do enjoy other classes a lot. But I seem to remember in the Vanilla/BC era when I first started that people were more committed to their main of choice. If a person was a Mage player, thats how they identified themselves. I guess it seems like to many peeps ready to jump ship the moment things get a little rocky.
It all evens out over time I think.

Common forum mythology is that mages get special treatment. Mages didn't feel very special at the end of TBC and don't feel special now. This is for pve.

Here in the mage sub forum the common mythology is that Blizz hates mages. That's not right either. Blizzard cut corners and lacked vision for mages going into this expansion. From their standpoint mages simply didn't need a whole lot of development. And why not? Wrath and Cata were good times for mages. It wasn't obvious that very much needed to be done. Now it's glaringly so.

I think that every class needs a fresh look after about 2 expansions. Stuff that worked swimmingly well back in the day starts aging badly. Mages are at that point, and so are a number of other classes.

Blizz seems both stretched and rushed nowadays. I think they lack the development resources to give everybody equal attention all the time. They are also rushing content out now a lot faster than before. Quality control has suffered in the class development department. But when they want to do something right and really try, they can.

As far as jumping ship too quickly, I tend to believe the opposite: that people are far too loyal to their class and stick with it beyond reason (I've been guilty of this myself.) And that design discussions between people of different classes are now almost impossible due to class bias. Very few people are able to take the larger view. It's all become very political and also puerile.
I feel the same as you regarding loyalty to a main but I have to admit with this expansion, I'm finding less and less appeal to play WoW in general. Ruining my favourite class (mage) was just the final blow. I won't get into a long-winded rant about all the other aspects of the game that simply aren't fun.

I'm just so disappointed they added many quality of life improvements and fun things to other classes but mage is left in the dark. This has been my main since day one. I'm also very attached to my toon and have spent a disgusting amount of hours on it. lol

Here's to hoping they freshen up mage a bit with new spells or utility or just something interesting. I admit to spending more time on a shadow priest alt lately. Priest can root, speed boost, and cauterize now. Most classes have a speed boost of some type, which used to feel very unique as a mage. I'm saddened the uniqueness of such a cool class has faded :(
My class loyalty is to my priest, and its not even my first character, which was a rogue. I quit rogue because being a dps on my original server left you in the dark as far as grouping went. Being a priest meant a zillion more opportunities for groups. I was a rogue from vanilla-mid bc, priest from mid bc-mid cata, and I've been playing the mage since firelands.

My raid group needed a dps, and a heroism, my priest has always been a healer. That's why I went mage.
03/29/2013 11:05 AMPosted by Sybhyl
As far as jumping ship too quickly, I tend to believe the opposite: that people are far too loyal to their class and stick with it beyond reason

This completely applies to me. This toon always has been and always will be my main. I do find myself enjoying playing my other class toons much more these days, but I stubbornly hold onto this one.
IMHO, mages are suffering from design philosophy shift and left behind because blizzard couldn't keep doing what they originally planned to do. Taking a look at bc mages, mages hit HARD, tricky, and offer a cool feature such as teleporting around like no other classes. This is why I fell in love with mage class. After wraith and cata, due to pvp reasoning, every class's burst ability was nerfed to the ground due to the amount of hp everyone has. This in turn, indirectly, nerfed mages and rogues, and their most "fun" perks, which was the raw damage they bring. From the looks of MoP, blizzard is trying to balance out every class in terms of dps, then one has to ask, what is making this class "fun" anymore?

Like rogues, mages die easily if you aren't careful, they don't bring ANYTHING to the table other than a stupid buff when it comes to raiding. While rogues can still pull great numbers on the move, mages this patch's plant and nuke design seems 20th century to me. The only thing that makes my mage useful in a raid is a skill called "blink" alone. There just isn't any fun toolkits left with this class from shift of game design.

Talking about game design shift, I could go back to talking about BC again. Back then, Food IS a cost, the game currency was hard to come by enough that gold was an issue to most raiders. Now days, the refreshment table imo is just a waste of skill slot, especially with how banquet works in MOP. While putting almost EVERY main city portal in two moons/seven stars is indirect nerf to mage portals. Slowfall...I love how ji-kun in Throne of Thunders is designed for you to not having a need to slow fall.

There are just too many outdated designs left with some of the classes in WoW, I doubt blizzard wants to revisit original design philosophy anytime soon. In a time like this, I think quitting does make sense simply because how much effort it takes to rebuild another character.
played since classic always raided as a mage will always just a lot of crying over not being top dps tri harder and go with the flow they change the mage so many time since i started. some time we top then the next is warlock then its mage again seen that many times
Middletroll, my own view (and this is pretty radical and unpopular) is that turret casting is flatly obsolete and needs to be phased out entirely from the game.

Every caster needs to be given mobile casting, not as a talent, but as a default game mechanic. Make KJC game standard. I include healers in this.

Blizz just keeps jacking up movement in raid encounters and I don't see them stopping. Some classes have gotten the tools to deal with it, others not so much.

The pace in pve now is breathtaking for an old timer like me. Nostalgists claim that WoW used to be harder. I think this is exactly wrong, it's getting harder over time and the old raid fights are increasingly trivial the farther you go back. The encounter design people aren't just rehashing old material, they are getting ever more outre.
The pace in pve now is breathtaking for an old timer like me. Nostalgists claim that WoW used to be harder. I think this is exactly wrong, it's getting harder over time and the old raid fights are increasingly trivial the farther you go back. The encounter design people aren't just rehashing old material, they are getting ever more outre.

I AGREE, this, thank god there is someone else outhere too. While the whole game environment is harder to survive in older expansions, but PVE this expansion had me asking myself "Am I too old for this?". The pace of the raids and rotations are certainly not on the same level in previous ones. There is no Golden spell that let you deal with any situation with ease, IE, flamestrike+blizzard is doing rediculously low damage unlike old game design.

I do like the idea of giving every caster, cast on move ability, WoW needs it to comepete against action orienated MMO out there.
I have been mage since Vanilla. Have done all raiding content in a hard core progression atmosphere to see all content and see many mages changes. I still love my mage and will only play my mage. Probably because of all the work I put into it. Numbers still matter to me because I want to down content and pull my weight, but no matter the nerfs and not being able to play the spec I want, I still wouldn't change.
I have to wonder how different the class would feel had Blizzard never developed arenas.

But ultimately, I don't play a class, I play a character. I have tried on a couple of occasions to shift to a different main, but it never felt right; I'm attached to Lhiv.
Mageski was my second main, third raid toon. I've played many others (in fact I think I play guardian/rogue better) but the Mage has always felt the most like home for me.
If you swap from class to class you may not see it, but stick with one class for years and you notice that over time each class experiences changes to their rotation, variability in relative power vs other classes over an expansion's lifespan, and effectiveness on certain aspects - single target, aoe, burst damage - can become a liability in a raid group on a particular boss fight.

No single class has been amazing throughout the 7+ years of this game. It's only the people who leap from class to class who ride the crest of the wave. Everyone else bobs around in the peaks and valleys and makes do until issues get fixed.
03/29/2013 02:03 PMPosted by Lhivera
I have to wonder how different the class would feel had Blizzard never developed arenas.

I'd probably die of boredom
My biggest issue is my mage doesn't have the same feel as when i picked it up i know the whole you just hate change argument but this isn't true blizzard got one thing right and a few things wrong.

The level 87 ability mages get alter time this is great i don't really know anyone who hates it it brings a little complication to our class that we previously lacked and takes a good amount of skill to get all you can out of it.

Now there's the level 90 talents most mages i know hate these the changes to envocation last patch made is slightly more tolerable but there's still this huge management thing that's got thrown into it making fire and frost feel too much like arcane and ruining the flow that the specs each had.

The other thing related to this is Bombs this has frost and arcane feeling like fire tho this is a little more manageable i still don't enjoy it when i play frost. I understand blizzard wants people to play all 3 specs but making all 3 feel way too simular breaks the enjoyment of the class all together and destroys the unique feel of each spec and quite frankly it frustrates the crap out of me because i don't enjoy the other classes the game offers.
No class loyalty from me, I am actually raiding on my ele/resto shaman now since my group needed a 3rd healer and we have no one to take int mail gear.

One of the few things that makes me love my mage though are the teleports. Also blink, I am completely spoiled by those.

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