Nerf Shield Slam low levels please

hay u leave us warriors alone. prot. needs to be strong. we do the most work, u cant handle us then run along and play with yr dollys or don't play wow.
The move is nerfed for low level in 5.3. All complaints are now irrelevant. Stop talking about it.
it shouldn't be for 85 and below and 50% is a large amount. great reason to talk about it actually.
It's not hard to reduce the damage to one spell ...
Top 3 in my bg : 3 Prot warrior.
4300 Critical Shield Slam - We have 4500 life.
Please, do something.

I got on my protection warrior yesterday just to test out how ridiculously op slam is now and was disgusted. lol

I played this protection warrior like a year and a half ago. He is level 54 now I believe, but I was seeing regular slams for 3.5-4k and crits for something like 6.5-8k. My warrior in full BoA and some not too horrible blues only has like 7.4k health or something. lol
Personally I don't think the problem lies just in the shield slam, the BOA gear is Really strong. regular players can't compete with it. BOA is the new twink system that now goes from 1-85...

players need something to work with such as better profession benefits for lower levels. why do you think the population of this game is going down. new players can't level and enjoy themselves, CRZ is slowly killing small communities.

not being able to catch that guy camping your alts sucks, mount cast time of 1.5 is too fast... i'm sorry but if you get camped and can't get away that sucks. make some friends and stop being a baby about it, join a guild who actually gives a crap about your experience and takes some damn pride in their guild reputation on the server that can dominate some annoying kid who logs on 2 hours a day to kill level 20-50 players because they can't escape.

people refuse to take initiative and i've seen it, talked to them about it on numerous servers. i'm sick of people complaining about the little things that have no relevance to the real issues and then blizzard, being the awesome big brother type. changing their diaper!
i haven't seen any updates to professions yet! not at low levels. why worry about that when everyone complains so much.

if i got camped for 2 hours trying to level, i know for a face that i would be willing to spend extra time to level a professions and explore the game more. that is what i did on my first character in vanilla!
back when you could stack every buff in the game, so if someone wanted to kill you they would have to spend more time preparing to kill you and eventually you would pass them in levels unless it was a high level camper.

in which case there was GUILDS and they had a reputation, and a website, and an application process to get into them.

so after 4 hours of setting up a guild resume on why they should even bother replying to you, then u got someone to protect you!
when is blizzard going to start telling everyone that sometimes... life is going to crap on you. and when it does you can either be ready and fight back, or you can go complain and tweet about it.
i remember how fast blizzard nerf shockadin. damn i miss that. so when will the next patch come out man? at least it will make the low level battlegrounds A LITTLE more playable.
when is blizzard going to start telling everyone that sometimes... life is going to crap on you. and when it does you can either be ready and fight back, or you can go complain and tweet about it.

or just quit WOW and play something else
It's not hard to reduce the damage to one spell ...
Top 3 in my bg : 3 Prot warrior.
4300 Critical Shield Slam - We have 4500 life.
Please, do something.

Thats funny you look like the monk i nailed for a 5k crit after hitting sheild block.

Working as intended!

And supa no no lol. It really is sheild slam. Tell me another class/spec that can one shot people right now besides maybe rogues and thats just one squishies. Play prot for a little while even just in the 10's and youll see the issue reeeeeeal fast. Last game i played there were 4 people protecting the flag in wsg. I murdered all of them every time solo. Granit i poped last stand and sheild block yada yada but still. It was a blood bath. And they all had boa's. Hunter 2 rogues and a shadow priest.
04/02/2013 07:50 PMPosted by Cardiff

Except that shield lasts for about one shield slam now:)

You see the logic there? Thats how OP that absorb is... if it takes one shield slam and its OP and you're still full health it means you have an effective HP pool double that of any other player.... on top of out putting retarded pressure with penance.

Except that sheild doesnt absorb all of the shield slam. Even with a fresh sheild im still hitting people for atleast 1k. And if i crit there toast.
I finally see what you all mean by shield slam being over powered. While leveling a fire mage (level 42 currently) I got ambushed by a prot warrior, I have about 3k hp and his shield slam hit me for 1k (my ice barrier only absorbed 200 damage because it was weakened, but if it was at full strength that one shield slam would of not only taken out the barrier, but I would also take damage as well, not a lot, but still), and his revenge hit me for another 1k, 2/3 of my hp gone before the charge stun ended. Though I got away thanks to frost nova, blink, and blazing speed.

That was a bad war. At your level i was hitting for 2k. And with the trinket you wouldnt of gotten away.
for the love of warriors, and everything else pvp hero worthy... 50% is kind of a BIG nerf. how do you expect a warrior to kill a hunter now. you only get 1 shot to kill them after the perma slow...

seems like kind of a joke, i don't see them doing anything about stuns, snares, silences, slows

where is the duration curve set to make the game not so damn dependent on spamming your low cool down lvl 90 duration moves. aside from kidney shot(which requires combo points and some conscious thought for a good player) no CC ability should have a full duration at such a low level!

i understand that blizzard wanted to remove spell ranks but seriously. lvl 20 paladin runs up, stuns you for 5 seconds, fully heals himself with each spell. never worries about mana. i fail to see the challenge here... is the next paladin buff a bubble that lasts 30 seconds? or is their 5 second stun going to affect up to 5 targets within 40 yards... specifically anyone targeting the paladin because why would blizzard let their players worry about taking damage.

There not nerfing the damage by 50% just what your attack power adds to the sheild slam by 50%. A prot war below 85 will still hit really !@#$ing hard. Just wont be over powered. I think itll balance it just right. Looks good on paper to me but we will just have to see how its implemented. In the mean time i urge every one to make one....just so fing hilarious.
It wouldnt be so bad but devastae combined with sheild slam can be killer to. On low level monk today 8800 health got a devaste for 5k after the sheild slam for like 6k so. I know i have 6sec to heal back to full but that combined kinda sucked good thing ss didnt crit or it would of been a 1 shot on me. I know at 90 it kinda evens out for some classes. But your losing new playes bc of this. Ya back in the day we all knew rogues stunned hunters kited but it was still fun now idk what will fix it...maybe a coplete dmg and healing nerf to make it less bursty. Guess the new talent trees made it more bursty too.
That being said they will have to nerf aimed shot to its about as bad as sheild slam but atleast there actually dps
I really enjoyed that time, feels so good one-shotting deranged classes.
They are like "i should kite him to death and lol".
so funny seeing warriors defending themselves... shield slam ONE SHOTS. or if you are lucky - you lose 80% HP in 1 hit.

anyone that tries to defend shield slam is just a moron.... prot warrior damage should be lowered by 80%... at level 10-80 of course.

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