pally or warrior?

Hi, I have this warrior at level 90 and he was my first ever character started in 2010. I took a big break and recently started playing again last year.

I leveled a pally to level 83 so far over my spring break but from reading on the forums and having friends tell me that they have "piss poor dps" compared to warriors kind of turns me off to them.

My friend constantly tells me to not listen to the forums at all and he says that i'll "get bored of my warrior" so that i should play my pally. But..the simplicity and badass-ness of warriors along with the fact that this was my first character keeps me not wanting to ditch him.

There are a few factors that make pally a favorite class for me:
- self-healing
-Leeroy Jenkins

friends argument to not play warrior:
-no self healing
-just hits shiz with a stick

warrior or pally? D:
Judging what class to play based on their performance is a bad idea. Class balance is like a roller coaster. You should play the one you enjoy more (or both!).
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That word alone says stick with the Warrior.

Ret is not "piss poor DPS," to use your phrase; just last week, I stomped all over three Warriors with equivalent gear and superior weapons. While tossing spot heals, most of which were on those Warriors. And that was before I got my new sword.

But Ret is not nearly as mindless or inane as a Warrior...At least Fury; can't really speak to Arms as I've never much cared for it, but no Warrior brings the support skills of a Paladin. I do have a Warrior at 90 and, for his terrible gear, his damage potential is staggering. However, I prefer to do more than mere damage - and that's important to being a good Paladin player. You heal when needed, you place Hands on people when they need the assistance; tunneling the boss is not the Paladin way.

In then end, the best advice is to play what you're most comfortable with and what you find to be most enjoyable. Back when I first started in something like 2007, I first rolled a Warrior and hated it; settled on a Paladin and have never looked back.

friends argument to not play warrior:
-no self healing

Not entirely true; on my Warrior I use Impending Victory as it can be used as an on-demand self-heal which resets when killing something. And, as Fury, Bloothirst also heals you for a paltry sum.
Ret is somewhat lower in potential to an equally geared warrior, and the skill floor of a warrior is also lower so it's noticeably easier to get acceptable dps out of it. There's no maintenancy buffs or anything really to pay attention to. As arms, your basic dps rotation is extremely simple.

Warriors also have a fair bit of utility.. it's not self-healing anywhere near what ret can do, and no off-healing at all, but they have a lot of utility centered around control and mitigating damage, and increasing group damage.

Both classes have utility that you can accidentally use and get yourself killed. Saccing or intervening a tank when you meant to use it on a healer frequently means time looking at the floor.

Ret is less likely to get into both pve and pvp pugs. We can compete, but the mass public perception of ret is that it absolutely, in no way, is capable of doing so. So if you're going to be doing things that involve pugging a lot, you will get passed over far more as ret. (Or more likely, will get told "lol go holy" (warriors will similarly tend to get told "lol go prot" while attempting to pug RBGs.)) So it also depends a lot on what content you do, and how you do it. If you basically only play with friends, a lot of the down sides of ret really aren't a factor.

We also hit things with sticks.

My only non-paladin 90 is a warrior, and I like it nearly as much as being ret. Probably the biggest factor in it is that I've always primarily played a ret paladin, so I'm just more comfortable with it. If I'd started with a warrior, I'd probably like it a bit more than ret.

Also, dat warrior mog. <3
Thanks for the replies guys. I'll think on it a bit more.

Also, dat warrior mog. <3
and thanks :)
Judging what class to play based on their performance is a bad idea. Class balance is like a roller coaster. You should play the one you enjoy more (or both!).

This, otherwise, just read whats FoTM and play it. Or better yet, just roll every class to xp cap and then play w/e is FoTM at that particular time.
whats a warrior?

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