<Offensive> 8/12 LF 1 Warlock/Mage!

Area 52
<Offensive> is looking for a Mage/Warlock to round out our core group.

Raid Times:
9PM - 12AM

8/12N ToT
4/4N ToES
6/6N 1/6H HoF
6/6N 4/6H MSV

505+ iLvl
Mumble w/Working Mic
Current Tier Progression

In-Game: Laborum
BattleTag: Bilk#1195

Apply @ offensive-a52.com
Join us on our mysterious adventures!

Guild perks include:

- Hearing Laborum's multi-ethnic accents
- Listening to Ky yell about buffs
- Getting to read <well fed>: Dymesh alot
- Free cookies*

* This perk only applies if the new applicant is a warlock.

Man you okay? Here's a Halls
Forget halls, I want a lock rock.
i am almost tempted to join this guild just to see how long it would take me to get kicked out of a guild NAMED offensive.....because i have a special talent for the sick
Ok people, keep it in your pants.
At least his name fits.

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