25m GDKP ToT Friday 4/5/13 OLD OUTDATED

This is the new thread for the next GDKP ToT. Everybody needs to be pulling their own weight.

Start time 7pm server Invites start at 6:30.


Gold accumulated so far.
First week gdkp 63.8k
Second week 141k

We killed Horridon this week! So good job to those who came. Would like to be able to work on council this week. Buy in will be at 1k gold for a spot and any/all loot will be bidded on regardless of class/spec.

Dps required must pull over 75k dps single target.
Healers must be atleast within 5% of each other.

Minimum Ilvl is 492+

Start signing up here. Would like to see a majority of the people that was on tonight to come back. I will start logging to see how people really do and who to take/bring week in week out.
I ran with you guys last week and was pretty high in heals, I know i don't meet the minimum Ilvl but I pull my weight healing.
I was with you guys and would like to participate again. What will the start time be so that I can put it in my iPhone?


Ofc Ari you're always welcome back. :P
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Looking forward to this run tomorrow night - had a great group last week!
Pretty good money and a fun few hours; only going to get better.

I think everyone hauled nearly 7k last week from only two bosses. Expecting more $$ as we open up rolls (haunted spirits) which means no 500g wins :)

We had fun on vent, pretty good environment.
I was on my Holy Pally Forios last week. I accidently deleted my calendar invite, but I'll be back tomorrow night (and bringing $$$).
497 Fury would like to go if you have room.
Making money on these runs, always looking for great players to progress the raid.
Are you guys in need of healers? Would love to come to this run on my resto druid!
497 Destro lock. I would like to go, on now and until raid on this toon.

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