Looking for a raiding guild

Looking for a guild to raid with in 5.2 and perhaps beyond.

What I offer:
  • I know my class;
  • My dps is respectable;
  • I'm on time, bring my own max +agi food, flasks, and am respectful;
  • I'm dedicated;
  • I read about encounters before the actual raid, so I'm at least aware of the mechanics (though it may take me a while to learn, I'm not good at Super Mario Bros-style mechanics);
  • I'm somewhat experienced in raiding, having raided most weekends for the last year and three months after an extended break between Wrath and Pandaria;
  • I enjoy the whole game, not just raiding, and am still enthusiastic about playing even though I've played since 2006.

What I'm looking for:
  • 2x-3x a week evening raiding (any day of week is fine, from about 7:30pm up to Midnight EST);
  • 25 man raiding would be awesome, but I'm OK with 10 man;
  • Dedicated players that generally don't suck - don't have to be elite, I'd be happy with average, all I ask is that the players care about their (war)craft.

If you're looking for some extra help and think I would be a good fit, let me know. I play most evenings. I'm already on Dalaran so that's my preference, but I'm open to transferring servers for the right opportunity. Thank you for reading!
Greetings Thijs,

My name is Slayerprime and I am the GM and RL for Heart of Redemption. We are currently one of the very few guilds running 25 person content on the Dalaran server We are currently 6/6MV25, 3/6HoF25, 3/4ToEs.

We do 3 official raids a week: Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday @ 9:00PM est to 11PM est.
We also do an unofficial 10 person progression raid on Monday nights 10PM to Midnight est.
Three times a week after our official raids we do an hour of guild Rated Battlegrounds together until about midnight.

We aren't hardcore by any means, but we do invite to our raids based on performance, which I would be more then happy to discuss with you in-game or on vent. We are a large guild with 680+ toons so we almost bring our guildies that old school vanilla wow feel. There is no logging on and seeing a nearly empty guild list with just 1 or 2 people online.

Our website is http://www.heartofredemption.info/ and more information can be obtained at http://www.heartofredemption.info/information.html

Again, feel free to contact me, Slayerprime in-game to chat or we can talk in vent, thanks!
Hey Thijs,

I am the GM and RL for a raid team that just started back up we Have 0 Rogues and would love a sold player hit me up we only raid 2 nights a week and we don't make you app.
Hello this is the GM to DEAD SÈXY, and I saw your post here. We are currently looking for a reliable raider to fill any of our many raids. We would welcome you with open arms and most all of our players are knowledgeable and friendly as well.

We are 4/12 now but probly on tue will be at least 5/12. Top of the Day to ya bud :) Hope to hear from you soon. I also normally dont check these posts often so please whisper Worldstopper, Drizzlar, Halfofyou, Jimbeamk, Escalle, Regene, Ardir, Bigbadbear, Villana, Zdeath, Hungoneton, Duderid, Gomphum, Koviko, Dkhordespanker, Khocha, Nopeas for a contact.

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