SPriest/Healing Priest/Ret Pally LFGuild

502 SPriest/496 Holy(Myself)
497 Holy/Disc Priest (Vannay - Lightninghoof)
499 Ret Paladin (Supremas - Illidan) (May also be willing to tank but not sure on his ilevel, will require discussion)

All three of us will likely be transferring here within the next few weeks, possibly sooner if we find a guild we like quickly! Over the last few years Lightninghoof has been dying and the raiding scene is just not what it used to be anymore. We're looking for a semi-casual PVE guild that would be able to fit all three of us. Our biggest goal is to have fun while still progressing! My battle tag is Hyler#1897 (Yes, the toon name and battle tag name are spelled differently) if you have any questions or would just like to talk.

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