LF Tips on Frost Mage for PvE/PVP

As the title says I'm looking for some pointers on both the PvE and PvP aspects of frost mages. I made an arcane mage back in cata who's rotation basically consisted of 2 buttons but now being on a new server and seeing frost mages in PvE pull 120k+dps and just getting destoyed on any of my characters in PvP I decided to try out frost mages. I'v encountered some problems thats really killing my RP or ease into the class. I'll make a neat little table consisting of both PvP and PvE aspects so certain experts can comment on certain things. I'd like to request keeping any childish or unhelpful remarks out of the thread please. Believe me I'v heard just about every joke about mages and anything pertaining to FOTM classes. With that said lets begin....

First off heres the PvE table of problems....

My Frostbolt cast is way too long for me to get any damage off. Currently it at about 1.9secs. By the time I can get it off the mob is already dead. I realize that this is gonna happen with these lvling dungeons but still any tips would be nice. Ice lance just can't pick up the DPS for me.

My frost nova and pet freeze don't stay on mobs long enough for me to get that damage boost to Ice Lance. Everyone else in the party breaks the CC before I can do anything to them.

Even with 3 stacks of Frostbolt my Ice Lance doesn't seem to get a huge damage boost like the tooltip would suggest. This isn't so much a problem but moreless as a query to when this actually picks up in damage down the line.

Frostfire? Is it even worth using this anymore? I'v found no use for it. My tooltip shows that Frostbolt does more damage and places stacks on the target that give me a boost to Ice Lance (even if it is damn near minuscule).

Does my pet get anymore spells?

My casts keep missing which is damn irritating. It feels like every other cast is a miss. I would so love to reforge hit and fix this but it don't seem possible.

Rotation would be nice too.

Macros would be nice.

Last but not least the PvP table....

This is gonna be tricky for me to describe. As I realize that BGs at low lvls are just so horribly broken I still feel that I can atleast do SOMETHING to make me competitive. Before I talk about my own class or performance issues I'd like to first make a list of classes I can't either scratch or have a hard time dealing with.

Paladins: Any spec/It feels like I'm being hit by 3 stuns in a row and as soon at i can get my pet freeze on them and blink out they are right on my !@# again. Infact I just dueled a prot paladin outside org just before making this post and I could literally not get any attacks in. Didn't help that he was crawling up my $%^ as soon as he challenged me but even with some distance I still woulda lost. They just heal away the insignificant damage I did. Don't get me started on holy paladins...

Warriors: Prot/Prot is the only thing I seem to have trouble with on a warrior. Mainly because of that damn OP shield slam. It either 1 shots or damn near 1 shots me.

Priests: Any spec/This should be a given. Can't break the OP bubble and they destroy me.

Druids: Any spec/Feral isn't so bad if the player behind it decides not to heal. But when any druid decideds to heal I can't do anything to them.

Shaman: Resto/Like any other healer I can't break them. Only time I'v had trouble with a shaman in DPS spec was because of him being REALLY geared. Other than that its alright to deal with.

Rogues: Any spec/I feel like I have a decent chance to handle rogues. But sometimes I fail to get any distance to cast my retardedly long Frostbolt.

Hunters: Any spec/I don't I'v ever lost to a hunter who didn't have a healer or backup with them. So they are fine to me.

DKs: ?/Haven't encountered any yet.

Monks: MW/If a monk is in DPS spec I can kite n kill them just fine. But when they heal I can't break them and they end up killing me.

Warlocks: Any spec/Again just like hunters I'v never lost to one in a 1v1. If they got a healer or backup thats a different story.

Mage: Any spec/Same as warlocks and hunters.

Now that the classes are out of the way lets get to some playstyle problems.

First what type of rotation should I use? On top of that glyphs recommended.

I feel like I'm cutting myself short when it comes to getting distance or I'm just not able to do enough before my target gets in my face again.

Whats an effective way to use the pet?

Any macros would be nice.

My damage seems really love compared to everyone else. Not sure what to do...and I'm in heirlooms.

This is all I can think about for right now. Any tips and help is greatly appreciated. Again please refrain from posting anything not helpful. Remember I said the word please I'm asking nicely!
Idk bruh you are level 25 so maybe just get some exp points. Btw its odd you havent seen and DK's in pvp they are usually semi-popular
Idk bruh you are level 25 so maybe just get some exp points. Btw its odd you havent seen and DK's in pvp they are usually semi-popular

that's cause dk's don't come until lvl 55-59 bracket
First off, you're levelling, so there isn't really any "right" way to do it. Provided you can kill things, and not die you don't really have a problem. Certain classes will do a lot better at certain levels. You might find that at level 25 you are below others, but you might be higher later on. DK's for example are generally always right up the top at around lvl 60.

Frostbolt problems - You just need more haste. Obviously Heirlooms are the way to go, but again at low level it doesn't matter too much. For dungeons your dps will be a little low, this is something you need to accept for a while. As long as things are dying, its going well.

Freeze/Nova - They're generally useless in dungeons, because as you said, people will break the cc before you can get a shot off. They can be useful for running away from things though, in case you pull aggro. Later when you get Frost Bomb, the best time to use your pet freeze is about 0.5-1 second before it explodes, which will give you the 300K+ crits.

Ice Lance - This spell is almost completely useless UNLESS your target is frozen. Again, you can use your nova/freeze, or deepfreeze to do this. Against frozen targets though, or if you get a 'Fingers of Frost' proc, Ice Lance will hit for 4x its usual amount. I generally get IL crits of about 25k, but against frozen they're 180k+.

Frostfire - Never, ever hard-cast this spell. You're right in saying that it has a longer cast time and hits for less than Frostbolt. The only time you use it is when it procs, which it will do off your "bomb" spells that you get later. This proc makes it hit like the target is frozen, so guaranteed crit (if you have the 27%)

Pet - These are the bane of every mages existence. They're essentially a little DoT that follows you around taking up valuable room. They get even more annoying with the glyph. They don't do a lot of damage, but it is noticeable. They only have that 1 spell, and the only reason we actually use them is for the Freeze. For boss fights, I find it easier to tell it to "go over there" and just ignore it.

Hit - You want as much hit as you can get your hands on. For leveling, having too much hit isn't such a bad thing. There is some hit on Heirlooms which is useful, other than that get rings etc with Hit rating. Reforging doesn't work below iL 350 or something.

Rotation - This is for dungeons and questing
1 - Frostbolt
2 - Bomb (Frost/Nether/Living)
3 - Frostfire Bolt when it procs
4 - Ice Lance when it procs (Fingers of Frost)
5 - More Frostbolts

PvP - My only tip for this is just don't do it. The less people who pvp, the sooner Blizzard will realise it's bad and will only focus on PvE...

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