[A] Winter Sun 10m

Winter Sun (A)-Tichondrius now recruiting!

Winter Sun a newly formed (A) guild on Tichondrius is now recruiting, new members
for a 10 man raid team dedicated to progression and heroic progression. Winter Sun’s
core members have raided together since September 2008, while we have been in
different guilds before reuniting here on Tichondrius, we have all pushed heroic
progression and been in top server guilds on our respective servers. Our Raid
Leader/GM is currently 12/12 Throne of Thunder and working on heroic content. This
is what we are bringing you, what you should be is, someone who is like-minded on
pushing heroic content in a slightly relaxed environment compared to most heroic guild
progression, able to raid on Friday and Saturday between 9 and 12(server time), along
with close to our higher than 490 item level. An exceptional player all in all. Our current
opening are: All DPS classes are open with the exception of DK. Contact Ioyna or Valexis via ingame mail or catch us online.

Looking to recruit:
1 mage
1 warlock
1 hunter
1 monk (dps)
1 ret pally
1 feral/boomkin druid
*Alt code for "i" in Valexis is 0-237*
bump for the pros in this guild
Update to post we are only looking for DPS classes now, and one dps with a heal off spec.
We just need 4 dps to round out our 10 man roster and start progression on Tich, we could really use an enh/ele shaman, mage and warlock, and a monk or rogue to round us out.
do you need a 512 hunter? willing to faction change
Yes we could use a hunter. Contact me in-game with any more questions or info.
Update on the last 3 spots we are trying to fill
Still looking for a ret pally?

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