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So I'm thinking about trinkets... soon (as I get the VP) I will have access to a VP trinket with a big, but very short Haste buff. The VP trinket also has a large static INT pool to it (1467).

Curious which currently equipped trink I should ditch if I go for the VP trink. I have a 1029 INT (3261 INT proc) and a 1162 INT (3872 crit proc). One thought is to replace the 1029 INT/INT proc one because that's a bigger gain in a static stat (438 INT gain). The other direction says to keep the INT proc, go with replacing smaller static INT/crit proc boost (305 gain) so as to keep the crit proc.

My current leaning is to go and ditch the INT proc one for the larger static INT gain (438 over 305). At only 10 secs, somehow I doubt the Haste proc is going to do all that much for me. It really should be more like 15s. Pretty sure I read a post that the proc rate was awful, something like a 14% uptime... and a PPM of .3 for Fire Mages.

Add in the conundrum of a ToT LFR trink that has a ton of hit on it, but a stacking INT proc (1127 INT every 2 secs for 20 secs). Getting and equipping that also means losing a ton of static INT.

Curious what others think...

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