[H] Halcyon LFM Tank, Boomkin, Hunter, Healer

<Halcyon> US Stormreaver

Servo info: High Horde Population

Horde 10man Progression raiding

Current Progress: 1/13 H

T14 Progress: 6/6H MSV, 5/6H HoF, 1/4H ToES

Full clear Heroic Dragon Soul
Full clear Heroic FL
Full clear Heroic BWD
Full clear Heroic BoT
Everything up to this point was full cleared on heroic mode 25man

Halcyon has been around for a long time, with mostly the same people playing together for years now. Towards the end of tier 14 we had a few

raiders leave due to real life issues, halting our heroic progression then, and limiting our progression through Throne. We keep a tight knit

group, all who are progression minded. We are friendly and fun to be around, but put our heads together and focus on boss kills. We are missing

just a few players to help us progress through this new content.

Raid days: Sun, Tues, Wed, Thur

Raid times: 8pm-12am CST

We provide repairs, enchants, and feasts.
We expect everyone to show up with flasks, and pots, fully aware of and researched on Boss fights currently progressing on.

Highest needs are:
Holy Pally
Prot Pally
Will consider ALL tanks other than a warr

All exceptional players are encouraged to apply @ Halcy.wowstead.com/apply

Last bit, we were formally Akademia (the gm sold the guild out from under us), and prior to that Moonwalker (changed to Akademia when we xferd to stormreaver from spinebreaker), for all that want to look us up for previous xpacs

Do not let our needs limit you from apping, we are always looking for great players.
We do not recruit for the bench!!!

Battletag Ragedump#1237 if you have any questions

Looking forward to clearing this new content, just need dedicated people to help push us through to the next level!
Thanks for your time
bump for good ppl
thanks dub
and again

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