[A] Bad Comp 10 man is recruiting

<Bad Comp> lvl 25 Guild (16/16) Normal is Recruiting For 10 man ToT LF 2 tanks, 2 healers and 2 melee.

Raid times tue-wed-thur 8-11 PM.

PST with ilvl and Raid Exp 485 ilvl+, we are experienced Raiders that are Reforming!!

We will also do last tier.

For more information pst awchu and majestiic.
Hi im on arthus right now i see your recruting for tot would you be intrested in a war tank? im currently 503 equipted and have raided tot downed 3/12 with a 12% left on tortos hunting for a raiding guild
Need 2 heals and 2 melee now.

Heals-Pally,priest or shammy

Melee-Warrior and Rogue
Hey there. Just poking around the forums and saw your looking for some fresh blood for the raid grinder. I'm an ex semi-hardcore raider from cata days. I mained my blood dk when firelands first hit the scene. I'm looking to get back into raiding and can offer up a few of my toons that you may be looking for. I have a level 90 blood dk, fury/arms warrior, sub rogue and also this holy pally which I guess i consider my main right now. The warrior would probably be my second love right now as I've starting to drift away from pvp from him and my rogue.

Not sure why I'm rambling on...it's late and I'm getting delirious I guess. I'll try to find you in game to discuss more if you're interested
sounds good
LF 1 Shammy Healer and 1 None Plate Melee For Core Raid Spot!!!!

LF Shammy and Priest healer and 1 non plate dps.
LF 1 non plate dps for Core Raid Spot
LF 1 non plate dps and a shammy healer. core raid spot for 10 TOT
LF 1 shammy healer or Tank. Core raid spot

Still looking for Rshaman or a Tank for a core raid spot.

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