An In-depth Guide to Feral PvP (5.4 Updated)

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Someone should sticky this thread.
Thank you for the guide! I have a quick question. I'm using SR glyph and use it for my opener. After my opener rip, should I then used glyphed Sr again or should I be building for a 5 point SR? I hate keeping it up I almost prefer to use a 5 point, however I also hate not getting a damage finisher with 5 points. Thanks for all your time and energy Kals!
It really depends on how much pressure you plan to put in your opener. If you're planning to force CD's (something like Junglecleave or FMP) right away it's best to get the rip up and roar at 2-3 points (more is obviously better) so you're not wasting a global during Tiger's Fury which could instead be spent on a Shred. I definitely wouldn't recommend using the 0 pt roar right after your Rip, because you'll more than likely run into the problem above.

If it's something where "Hey we're just gonna get some pressure going out but probably going to be swapping about 30 seconds in" you're free to grab a 5 point roar since you'll be wanting to pool your energy waiting for the swap anyways.

So short answer: Try to get a 5pt roar, if you're going for a burst approach on the opener just use as many as possible to justify the energy cost before your partner sets up the window.
WTB Sticky. :(
WTB Sticky. :(

Well, if it takes much longer you'll have to rename the thread to 'An In-depth Guide to Feral PvP (5.3)'
I can just rename it to "10 Reasons Why I Love Bashiok" and maybe it will get his attention at least. :P
First, I’ve been referencing this guide daily since I dinged 90 and started doing random bg’s. It has been the best feral pvp resource I’ve found. Thanks.

The other night I did my first 2v2 (well any) arena play, and I had a couple questions:

1. We ran into many other double dps comps and in general the matches were extremely quick (less than 1 minute). Is this typical?

2. Relating to the above, I started the night using your recommended 2v2 spec; however, we kept losing because they bursted down one of us very quick. Often we would be very close to a kill, so I decided to switch to HotW (from DoC) so I could spam rejuvenation when one of us got low. We had better success with this. Is this something anyone else has experimented with? Should I be able to put out more healing with DoC if played correctly?

That’s it for now, but again thanks for a great guide.
1. Yeah, double DPS really has to push for a kill in the first few minutes of a match, especially if they're going against healer DPS. When I run Feral/Mage or Feral/DK the match is usually over about 1 minute or so after the gates open.

2. DoC is very good throughput in both DPS and HPS if played right, but if you can't keep high uptime on your targets (you're getting CCd a lot for example) then you may be better off going HotW. Use macros to heal your partner via Cenarian Ward (mine tick crits for 35k+ with DoC) and Healing Touch.

Is it safe to assume the rogue is your partner? If so you guys should be able to get a very strong opener on any team that doesn't have a stealther, and even if it does your rogue can keep looking for the sap. Feral/Rogue revolves around a very strong opener, which will typically look like this:

Sap who you're going on, right before opener sap who you're CCing.
Open hard with cooldowns.
Clone the one you're CCing (blind if there's a priest).
Blind the trinket (or clone if you used blind earlier, to stop the lifeswap).

You may need to communicate with your rogue to reset (vanish, cloak, sprint, ect) or pop defensives such as Combat Readiness if you're in a bind and can't heal or peel.
Thanks for the feedback, it's very appreciated. I've set up several new macros and I'm going to focus on Cenarian Ward uptime and the opener/advice above.
Incarnation can be a good defensive tool without losing much burst. If you're the target, pop Incarnation and before starting your burst rotation, hit Prowl to cancel their target. Then, if done perfectly, though nearly impossible, you can do it once more defensively, and a third time as the Incarnation ends.
Dear god you deserve the internet Kals. This has helped me so much. I was wondering what 3s comps work best with Ferals? Does Feral Rogue Healer work? And is kitty cleave still viable. Thanks for the tips.

Feral/Rogue/Healer can be good, and can be made even better if you grab a disc (Dispersion for you, spammable clone for him).

Kittycleave is kinda watered down right now with the clone nerf. You're still looking to score a kill inside of your CC chains (IntShout, Clone, Healer CC) but it's playing differently than last season since you'll likely have to use some defensive clones to peel for your warrior/healer, especially if the enemy team has stunbreaks/freedoms, which pretty much means you can't set up a kill for another 20s. (holy run on sentence batman) Your warrior can of course help peel but since most aren't taking shockwave anymore he doesn't have much in the way of peels outside of charge stuns/intervene and just plain dealing damage.

If I had to list the top 3 feral 3s comps (imo):
-FPS (Feral/Spriest/Rsham)
-FMP (Feral/Mage/Disc)
-Junglecleave (Feral/Hunter/Disc)
Harro prz.
2nd page, really?

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Sorry, been busy lately. I'll try to update the non-existant F.A.Q. section when I get time later tonight.
Any progress on the FAQ?
Had Wisdom teeth pulled and didn't know it'd knock me out so bad haha. Socketing my bracers then getting on that now.
FAQ updated. Should probably change the name to something more fitting as it's more like 'Questions asked in thread'.
What percentages of PvP power and resilience should we be attaining? I currently have 63.18 resilience and 49.21 power. I'm always looking to improve.

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