Are holy palladins fun?

I want to heal and have a tank offspec i was thinking pally or monk maybe warrior if i want to drop heals. Out of these 3 classes which would you say you enjoy the best healing / tanking.
Being that this is the Paladin forums, I'm positive most of the people here are going to say Paladin.
Clearly, your best option is an Affliction-specced Rogue. BUT SERIOUSLY...

Paladin and Monk classes offer all the options you want, but the best way to find out is to just roll one and play it out and see how you like it.
If you roll a monk tank and are not prepared for how much you need to concentrate on each and every skill and its timing, you're going to have a bad time.

Pallys, though can be difficult, will give you less of a headache when tanking.

As for healing, I'm still trying to heal on my pally at level 87 :/ I've never been good at healing..
warrior tank, you will do more dps leveling as prot war then prot pally. Warr is also in higher demand for raiding as prot compared to prot pally. Although both are good in their own way the Warr gets the edge in Dmg over Paly.

As for holy paly, It's good. Easy to learn but only prob is that there are so many hpaly already. The monk heals are fairly decent but atm are behind in terms of output hps compared to say a paly or priest. They will prolly get some tweaks here and there since its a new class but it does offer some interesting cds for raids even if they don't top the charts.

Monk (even according to GC) is a solid tank that can do very well however it takes a "skilled" brewmaster to really make it work. As Linvela also stated.

I would go druid tbh, They have high demands for tank compared to a paly. The resto spec is pretty good and if you heal aggressive with the HoTs it is right there with hpaly and also you could always go feral/moonkin if you didn't like the heals/tanking. I know you didn't put druid in that list so if you don't have one i would suggest trying it.
I think other healing classes are better at the moment. If you care about that, go monk. Otherwise, choose based on the playstyle and how the spells "feel".
Holy pally are easy to learn, beside if you are pvp as a holy pally, they are good to help your team.

Plus Holy pally are fun to annoy some players...
I enjoy healing on both the paladin and the monk for different situations. I adore monk in pvp and pally not so much. I haven't raided on my monk yet since it's not quite 90 yet. I despise monk tanking and I think monk tanking is a litttle different to learn from some of the other classes. I think pally tanks are GREAT though!

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