Did holy paladins get a buff?

I took a break in January and I felt weak compared to other healers, so came back and feel more powerful. I can be top 2-3 in healing,absorbs and hps. Did we get buffed , or did other healers get nerfed?
hpaly has been one of the best healers for awhile. The tweaks have been towards mana mostly but as a hpaly you should be doing good hps considering insta heals and absorbs.
The only nerf since then has been to Disc priest (EDIT: And fistweaving monks). Other classes got a few buffs here and there. Healadins haven't been touched in any real effect. Blinding Light and Repentance were slightly nerfed, which doesn't affect your healing, and a couple of talents that we rarely select (Selfless Healer and Hand of Purity) were modified.

Healadins remain strong because we have no glaring weaknesses, only strengths and areas in which we're average. We're still within 5% of every other healer apart from Shaman, though.
The only buff I can think of is that Eternal Flame self cast HoT ticks are twice as powerful, which means more heals for your beacon target (very minor, but a buff nonetheless). Also I noticed Light's Hammer's AoE heal applying Illuminated Healing (our mastery) every tick...don't know if that happened last patch as well.

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