The Sacred Codes of the Bro Knight

Death Knight
Created by Thrrash of Kil'Jaeden and a council of elder Bro Knights, we have finally devised rules and laws to abide by to serve the Ebon Blade.

Don't Death Grip an enemy player away from another Bro Knight unless absolutely necessary

*Don't Death Grip a MoB that's on a Blood Bro unless you have the glyph.

*Use army when fellow Bro Knights use army to make Legion of Bro Servants.

*Never call another Bro Knight a noob. You should teach them how to play so there are less noob classes in the world *cough* frost mages *cough*

*Learn and know a Bro Knight's true enemies. They are the bane of World of Warcraft and must be purged from this world forever. Always help other Bro Knight's when they engage these classes. Do note they change with every patch so be aware!

*No Bro Knight is a noob. He is simply a Bro Knight in training.*

*If a Bro Knight is getting pwnd, it is your duty to keep said Bro Knight alive, even if the odds are not in your favor*

Learn to play 2 specs of your Bro Knight efficiently, it shows all the other weaker classes their ineptitude in the game as they roll FOTM or OP classes and think they are pro.

You play your Bro Knight through thick and thin, your Bro knight is not a flavor of the month, nor ever the worse class in the game, you take it when it is good or bad, and you dominate all who don't understand.

We don't need nerfs, we are hero's and therefore should be treated as such. All buffs are deserved.

When an opposing class thinks we are OP and QQ's on the forums, it is never that the Bro Knight is OP, it is that the opposing player is a whining mouth breathing QQ'er that needs to L2P his respective class and strap a set of ovaries or balls on.

"You will call your fellow female Death Knights Dark Sisters not Bro Knights."

"You must spill the blood of ANY enemy including opposing faction Death Knights who harm a Dark Sister or Bro Knight. We must defend our own after Arthas' betrayal, we must stand together."

*Bro Knights/Dark Sisters always use Gorefiends Grasp or Death Grip to bring fleeing puny classes back to the Bro Knight/Dark Sister using Remorseless Winter.

*Bro Knights/Dark Sisters always have cowbell.

*Bro Knights/Dark Sisters always team up to kill a Paladin or a Frost Mage. They are blasphemous heretics and deserve to die the most agonizing of deaths.

*DK Bros throw a Death Coil their way while undead or if their Timmy is getting low*

*Thou shalt Gorefiend's Grasp all enemy mobs to the tank when available and appropriate, then proceed to annihilate them all.*

*Thou shalt protect thy friends with Anti-Magic Zone whenever possible.*

*Thou shalt Mind Freeze/Strangulate annoying casters when possible, because !@#$ casters.*

DPS Bro's and Tank Bro's will not roll on eachother’s upgrades in Heroics

Under no circumstances do you heal them, they cannot withstand the evil power deriving from a DS/BK heal, they must sustain themselves and you while in your service.

"No matter what sword, axe or mace you wield you shall always remember The Ebon Blade"

if you assist another dk by killing a warrior, mage or hunter you must deliver a /spit.

if im fine and the person im fighting is about to die, don't use f2H obliterate or uSR on my target. that's just like a warrior KSing with execute

All bro knights should add this to their macros

/e salutes his fellow bro knight %t

When a fellow Bro Knight (or Dark sister) asks for assistance or when chilling (pvp'n, raiding etc) with a fellow Bro Knight, tells from female toons should be ignored.

*A Bro Knight or Dark Sister, should they defeat a fellow bro knight or dark sister of the opposing faction, will /bow in respect.

*A Frost bro knight and Unholy bro knight shall hold no ill will towards one another. We are all brothers and sisters in death. To argue and bicker amongst ourselves is to dishonor our class as a whole.

*A Bro Knight at full strength shall not attack a Bro Knight who has been weakened in battle, unless stuck by the injured Bro Knight first. To do so would be to strip you and your opponent of the honor of a true battle.
• If a fellow Bro Knight pops Lichborne, you must throw him/her death coils until the duration is complete or until it is no longer necessary.

Bro Knights will call out rares in the isle of thunder, assuming other Bro Knights have been seen in the area.

A Bro Knight, should he or she chose to play an alt, shall refer to said alt in third person and refer to their Death Knight in first person. To do so is to acknowledge your status as a Bro Knight, and to take pride in doing so.

-If there is a herpa derp Bro Knight/Dark Sister in the mix they must be executed swiftly by the elder Death Knights. To keep said herpa derp knight alive would be a travesty and a blemish on the Death Knight name.

*Bro Knights/Dark Sisters should always switch to riding their 'Deathcharger' or 'Winged Steed of the Ebon Blade' when in the presence of other Bro Knights/Dark Sisters

*To be anything other than Exalted with the 'Knights of the Ebon Blade' faction (after reaching max level) is a dishonor to a Bro Knights/Dark Sisters existence, and, if not corrected immediately, said Bro Knight/Dark Sister shall no longer be a part of the Brodom of Bro Knights.

If you have a new Bro who Glyphed for Pillar of Frost, you better spec for grasp.

*The primary method for any Bro Knight or Dark Sister to acquire knowledge shall be the use of the *SEARCH* function, first and foremost. You have no purpose for asking a question that has been asked and answered multiple times over. There's a wealth of information here; use it. Don't make additional clutter out of laziness.

Failure to adhere to this simple principle shall earn you one "Derp" violation. Accumulation of three (3) "Derp" violations in any 12 month period earns you permanent "Herpa Derp" status.

The page is a place for us to have the code for all to read and for Death Knights to talk and be able to talk about death in peace.

Stop by, "Like" the page and be with other Death Knights! Feel free to post screen shots of your Death Knight in battle!

No FrostBros or PlagueBros shall mock the BloodBro in PvP. Anyone who can master the spec is truly a force to be reckoned with.

No Bro shall mock a Bro for teaming with a Pally. For all we know, he/she could be the Bro's minion.

If a Bro taunts another Bro he has just beaten, that earns a strike. 3 strikes and the Bro is hunted down endlessly for being a HerpaDerp.

No Bro shall kill Quest NPCs in Booty Bay. Seriously. That's annoying as hell and jeopardizes other Bros trying to quest. You CAN kill Quest NPCs of the opposing faction but only if they're not in Booty Bay.

-If you are in a raid wipe and someone tries to blame one of your bro knights. You must immediately turn the blame onto the closest paladin. * with anger shakes fist at all paladins*

On second thought. Just blame the paladin in the first place.

-Whenever a bro knight hears other players discuss their leaders, a bro knight must always inform them (for they must not know) that high lord Darion Morgraine is superior to their puny leaders.

If a Bro Knight accidentally strikes another Bro’s crotch while walking, both silently agree to act as if nothing happened.

Thou shall have more than one Dark Sister or Bro Knight (max level) because at the moment it is not possible to have three specs. Whatever works for you; second account or another server (I prefer second account because all my alts are scrubs and I need a death knight to carry them.)

Thou shall have awesome mogs for both of your beloved knights because looking bad reflects poorly on the order.

Thou shall not mog starter gear unless you are wearing the Ebon tabard. Wearing said tabard while in starter gear lets other knights know you are just being patriotic and not unoriginal.

"A Bro Knight/Dark Sister will NEVER let another Bro Knight/Dark Sister log out in gear that will make the other Death Knights look bad."

*A Bro Knight/Death Sister shall not use any of the Flying Cloud Serpents.

*A Bro Knight/Death Sister shall not use Army of the Dead unless they have said ability glyphed or the enemy is below 20% health. But should said enemy be another Bro Knight/Death Sister you shall not use Army of the Dead. However, you can use the Army on any other class.

*A Bro Knight/Death Sister shall always use Gorefiend's Grasp on their tank should he be having trouble keeping aggro.

*A Bro Knight/Death Sister shall always use Remorseless Winter when their tank is being overwhelmed by enemies.

*When doing 2s with a warrior bro, be sure to announce Death Grip before he charges toward main target lest mighty warrior bro will shove his thine sword on your rear end*

*Thou shall use tissue when said rear end is bleeding*

*Thou shall not throw it on his wares*

*Thou shall not use Gorefiend's grasp to troll pull*

*Thou shall use Gorefriend's grasp to farm mobs*

*Thou hath rights to use Gorefiends when you feel like trolling it*

*Thou shall stand on great fire if AMS is on*

*Thou shall not stand on much greater fire even though if AMS is on*

*Thou shall not covet warlocks*

*Thou shall not consider yourself as "I'm a warlock in plate* *

*Nor roleplay it*

*Thou shall not covet warriors/paladins with better xmogs*

*Thou shall always be hideous, thou art undead after all*

*Thou shall not be pregnant in roleplay lest burn yourself on a stake*

*Thou shall not roam around cities or any Alliance establishments with a ghoul/geist minion...lest thou shall hath to bribe guards AGAIN*

*Thou shall steal a rogue's underwear*

*Thou hath rights to perform a prank on said underwear*

*Thou shall not think of PUGs as real dogs*

*Thou hath rights to use Gorefiend's grasp on anyone (particularly healers) when said PUG is being loathed at*

Thou shall not boast of padded BG meters unless thou say thy meters are padded with area damage.

Bro's are required to share a drink of paladin tears at least once a month... the paladin forum or general forum have tears on tap.
Sticky requested!


Cheers to beers and Paladin tears!!!!
Some advice: if you are after some tears for a bro's night out, then simply create a thread inquiring about Holy Paladins in the Paladin forums.

Be sure to address Blinding Light.
Be sure to address Blinding Light.

Make sure to say it is a stun too.
Everyone make sure to sticky this!

Every dk breaks these rules
Every dk breaks these rules

Every dk breaks these rules

Just the ones, who have mages as mains.

You didn't hear this from me but okay..

Mages also love the taste of lead paint.

Can't get enough of it.
04/20/2013 04:32 AMPosted by Xagosaurfang
Every dk breaks these rules

Just the ones, who have mages as mains.

You didn't hear this from me but okay..

Mages also love the taste of wall candy.

Can't get enough of it.

04/20/2013 04:47 AMPosted by Tharvik

Just the ones, who have mages as mains.

You didn't hear this from me but okay..

Mages also love the taste of wall candy.

Can't get enough of it.


I'm Xago Saurfang and I approve this message and edit.
Thou shall not mock thou fellow blood elf bro knights haircare products
Thou shall not mock thou fellow blood elf bro knights haircare products

We just want you to use Acherus® Runic Power Hair Care.
Bomp. Sticky requested

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