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Emerald Dream
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Saw one of these awhile back and thought it was pretty cool

Rate the name above you, the rules are simple

-Rate 1/10 with 1 being the lowest and 10 being the highest
-List at least 1 thing you like about it and/or one thing you dislike


I feel like it would be better with one k. I don't know.
Bronkk, I give you a 7.

All that comes to mind when I think of your name is BADONK!
Bronkk - yeah, 7/10 - double k isn't good.

Ruvin - 9/10 - good name, not sure it goes with human female but whatevah

Clix - 7/10 - extra symbol, not sure it goes with race

Charax seems nice.
Not sure what it has to do with a Night Elf warrior.
I like the name Eureka. 10/10

Charax seems nice.
Not sure what it has to do with a Night Elf warrior.

It doesn't. It's actually a Blizzard random name generator for the Troll race.

Hmm, in that context, perhaps that's fitting (nelf allegedly descended from trolls, forum activities)

Edit: Fulbright - 9.5/10 - goes with the class/race
8/10 Charax seems like a proper warrior name but not so sure about female n elf
9/10 Callistah ah at the end for troll-y phonetics is well recieved

Fits well with a Worgen Druid
9/10 Greavell I really like the name. Fits perfectly for a worgen imho

8/10 Bronkk I like the name, sounds pretty orcish......albeit it sounds like a peon name.
That and whenever I hear your name, I think of this guy for some odd reason....


Dragarok is a pretty nice Orcish name.
Thread needs more Ruvin.

Iconik - I'd have to say 6/10 to a 7/10. Just not sure that name fits an Orc... But I am not all up to date in the Orc naming Policy. *chuckles*
Norforic huh? I like it, it's fun to say and pretty unique. When I Google it you're the first thing that pops up.

When I google Rock you aren't the first thing to pop up, but I do like the name in connection with monks.

Seems original, but makes me think of urine ... vile urine.

Unique, but seems like a mouthful. I suppose it fits gnomes on that part, having to make up for something they lack.
Facespace 10/10
Facespace 7/10

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