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Emerald Dream
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Icyred 7/10

Not the greatest, but is memorable.
Strucks 10/10

Simple and Orcish sounding. Fitting for an Orc hunter also
9.59383/10! i like it, just felt like putting an obnxoius number in there
6/10 Just because I hate alt codes >.< but a solid 9/10 without it.
Bronkk 9/10 Charax9/10 shempil 7/10 reminds of the 3 stooges.Dargorak epic orc name 10/10
Triple vowels should be punishable by death.
lol Facespace I like it, 9/10
balloontoes gets a 9/10 for originality
hi. and shockblast 10/10 seeyuhh
2/10, would be 1/10, but I have to pity any orc that got the name Bedtimebuddy, I can't even imagine how many throbbing green members you had to have taken before that name stuck.
9/10 I think it would be better on a Troll.

My 2 copper.
9/10 Fits my idea of what an orc name would be like. I don't believe in 10s so I guess my only issue would be that names than end in A sound female to me.
Idk, 3/10. I just don't feel it fits undead.
Idk, 3/10.

Read the rules, also i hate you.
@Agustav 8/10

I really was thinking it was a roman derived name, but after I googled it I laughed so hard that Agustav is a furniture company.

@Vallok 7/10

I think your name means something in hungarian. Like "Confession" or something.


Haven't seen it before and seems fitting for my idea of a DK.


It's your name, and I like it just the way it is!

It just looks frustrating to say.

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