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Well, heres the thing, I SUCK at mechanics. I don't know if my brain is just slow or what, but I just have a slow reaction speed. I know when each chaos and cataclysm comes, yet I just get overwhelmed with everything going on I die. I have 499 ilvl so this fight should be easy. Everyone says that this is easy with good gear and can be done in one sitting, but not for me. Anyone think there will ever be like a dbm type mod out for this fight? The sound alerts and big blue font helps me a ton.
I don't think anyone thinks that this fight is "easy" even with better gear. Go download SpellAlerter and you will be able to set it up to warn you about Chaos Bolts
iirc, littlewigs (5 man version of bigwigs) includes timers for this boss.
iirc, littlewigs (5 man version of bigwigs) includes timers for this boss.

Thankyou! This should make it much easier.
Are you using your portals? Using them resets your aggro thus making it a bit easier. This will allow you to gain a little more control and keep from being overwhelmed. Use them after cooldown at all times to keep your aggro low. The only part of this fight im having trouble with is the felhunter phase. trying to get the pit lord on the other side of the map is a bit difficult and you have to watch out for his cast of chaos bolt. My ilevel is 481.
DBM works for me on this fight
Hey Valthic. I killed him today after over 100 tries, lots of frustration bugging out but also lots of learning new strats and optimum setup that suited me best.

I used bartender and moveanything. Bar tender enabled me to set up three banks of targetting macros for the Pit Lord, one tragetting Kanrethad, one tarfetting Doom Lords and one targetting Imps. Moveanything enabled me to make a HUGE cast bar for focus target with kanrethad set to focus. This way I mever missed a Chaos Bolt when casted at me because i didnt have time to use a gateway to reduce aggro. He often casted void spaces on top of both ends of my gateways so I couldnt use them and needed a backup strat to deal with chaos bolts. When i saw him casting CB if I couldnt gateway I used a defensive macro I set up with Sacrificial Pact + Healthstone + Twilight Ward + unending resolve.

Here is a screen shot i Just took with pet set to focus just to show you how it looks when focus target is casting using my set up. I also have the (bartender) macros onscreen as I had them in the fight in case that helps as well.

Hope it helps :)

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