ilvl 501 DPS Arms Warr LF Raiding Guild (H)

Burning Legion
Hey Burning Legion Horde!

Looking for a good group of guild mates that are into raiding and hopefully some PvP as well but not necessary!

I'm in LFR/Tier 14 gear, have full T14 set but not currently equipped in Armory page.

Just want to get into a guild that does normal/heroic raids at least up until ToES

I've been through all the raids currently available through LFR (up to ToT Ji Kun) and have done them multiple times so I'm familiar with all the fights and mechanics thus far.

Also if the guild does light RBG's I'm in full Malv with Tyrannical boots/ring/trinket and awaiting the Conquest 2hander next Tuesday.

So if anyone is looking for someone competent for raiding enjoys having a good time please hit me up!


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