Im stuck between frost and arcane

Hey guys so im loving ice right now but i obviously want to do the most dps possible. So my question is should i pve ice or arcane? Please dont say do what u like most because i like both (maybe ice a bit more). I really just want to know whats hood for end game so i can start getting used to a rotation. Thank you for any help u can offer!

P.s. if u can tell me a rotation for whatever spec u say would be amazing ty!
Arcane is awful, go with frost until you get very very geared, say 510 ilevel, then go fire.
I had this problem too. originally i was arcane, i absolutely loved it, but then i had heard that frost was better so i switched, fell in love with it too. I was top on dps charts and then after the patch arcane was top again so i switched back and really caught on to how much mana i losed and how difficult it was for me to get it back up. To me, (i dont know about anyoone else) that was a problem. I dont want to worry about my mana constantly since in raids i'm always having to move and cant keep my rune of power down always. (and with arcane your supposed to keep your mana at 80%+
So in the end, i chose frost because i do not have to worry about mana at all. i just worry about getting my dps out there. to me frost seems less like a job and more fun. and i'm still top at the dps charts.
Frost is great for low ilvls - it can perform on demand AoE easily (Frozen Orb) and it's easier to utilize Shatter with Frost as you can Deep Freeze targets from a safe distance via Fingers of Frost charges. Mana management also insanely easy.

The problem Frost currently has in PvE is its scaling issues. Frost has a soft Haste cap. Once your spell haste is over 50%, Frost really gains very little to nothing from more Haste. Ideally you'd want to pump something else, like Crit at this point, but anything over 28% Crit for Frost is also a waste against bosses and not really productive. Top it off with the fact that Frost doesn't benefit much from Mastery, it leaves you with a poorly scaling spec.

Both Fire and Arcane can greatly outperform Frost at higher item levels (something like 515 +) because they scale much better than Frost does.

So if you like both specs, stay Frost till you gather up a high enough ilvl to make your Arcane spec viable.

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