Whitehand is currently recruiting!
Whitehand is one of the founding guilds on Proudmoore, which has stood the test of time, being able to adapt to the changes through WoW. We foster a happy, fun and caring environment in our guild with mature family orientated people (18+). If this sounds like you and would like to be with like minded people who want to progress and see end game content, please visit our website at www.whitehandguild.net for further information.

We are currently opening up 2 dps positions for our 10 man team with strong tank or healing offspec.

Our raid times: 2.30am Server time
every Sun, Mon and Wed nights (aussie time)

5.30pm WA (WST)
8.30Pm VIC, NSW (EST)
7.30pm Qld (EST)
With Daylight saving about to start this will change
*HUGS* Verand :)
/bump ;)
as I am a fat panda I bump into things
cheers guys :)
We are still looking
Still open for recruitment

While we have a new friendly Warlock we still need some more
Any guild with Verand is pretty awesome imo, just saying!

Good luck guys!

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