Destro question (concerning embers)

I've got a level 54 Destro lock i'm leveling, and I'm noticing that some of the AOE advice mentions using a lot of Fire and Brimstone. I'm using it in current dungeons, and I just don't have enough embers for it.. Does it get easier somehow to get embers as we level? Is there a talent I'm missing?

I am working on shadowburning more proactively in packs to maintain embers, but I feel like there should be a more smooth way.
5+ targets use FaB, anything less just cycle immolate/rof/chaos bolt spam.

If you get extremely skilled w/ the destro rotation FaB can be a gain at 4 targets but worry about min/maxing at 90.
Gahhda, should I be using havoc as often as I can, and if so, how do you recommend it get used? I'm thinking Havoc on an off-target while continuining rotation on the main target.
It will get better as you gain more critical strike chance, too. Crits from rain of fire and immolate grant you embers, so it helps a lot.

Also, at your level, it's hard to AoE properly. Everything dies so fast. You might be better off just taking harvest life and spamming it for now.
During fights/trash with lots of easily killed adds, havoc should be used for shadowburn cleaving to a target above 20%, otherwise on a fight like will of the emperor during a gas phase it should be used on chaos bolt unless you have backdraft up, in which case the normal rotation.

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